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My Testimony of Victory!

Series Title: The matter of Anger and Offences
Over four weeks, we shall consider this subject of Offences and Anger and our deliverance from this tyrant. I trust with great prayers that God will pass through the ordinariness of the blog and reach out to you as He did for me as well.
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Wow….! I am excitedly writing this because I know the Lord has begun a work in your life since the last time we spoke about our deliverance! I’m happy for you and grateful to God for showing up in your case as well like He did for me. It’s not a mirage, it’s a miracle! It’s not a mistake, it’s God’s deliberate working in your life and it shall be permanent IJN.


I decided to share my own testimony as an encouragement to you…I won’t describe again the Tyranny of the enemy (I already talked about it in Tyranny of anger). Another thing I battled with for long was inferiority complex and also lust…Their root was all destroyed the same day! I attended a meeting sometime in May 2007, then I was just entering into the university. The man of God was talking so strongly about this issue of the wicked driver inside me that made me (without choice) do what I hated to do. He explained God’s willingness to eject him, if I was willing. He talked so boldly about how He got delivered years back and as a student as well and gained victory over sin and it’s powers…

Oh I remember clearly, I wept and wept and wept…I couldn’t attend the next session anymore, I now saw my problem, I now knew what had taken over me, I knew why I didn’t have a choice in the matter of sin all along. I knew why I had been powerless in dealing with it…but that day, God came to my rescue! I saw as the wicked driver was evicted, he never wanted to leave simply, but the force pulling was greater than him! Halleluyah… I became free, free to live right, free to live well, free to live above sin, free from anger and all that he did in me earlier on…that was the end of his regime!

“For sin shall not have dominion over you…” (Rom 6:14)
” For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. It teaches us to say ‘No’ to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age.” (Tit 2:11-12)

From then, I received grace, the kind that teaches me to say NO to all ungodliness…not that I am no longer tempted to sin, but now sin has lost dominion, power to control me. He can only beg me or propose it to me, I now have a choice to say No and power to say No. Now he can no longer force me to be angry, he can sponsor someone to provoke me like he has done several times but the Lord has taught me to be victorious!

I am victorious…yes, I am victorious
Glory be to God, who has given me victory!

This is what to expect!
Now you’ve got Power to say NO. When the enemy comes (through that small girl that insulted you), remember it is only a temptation, you can say NO! When that classmate talks rudely to you, remember to say NO. The next time your parents say something that is getting at you, remember you now have power to refuse to be angry! The next time your spouse ‘takes you for granted’, it’s only a temptation to sin, don’t fall for it. You don’t have to get angry and repent, you can say No, the power is there, the grace is there…Halleluyah!

It’s a new Month and indeed a new beginning. . . Happy new Month!

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