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My Deliverance from Anger!

Series Title: The matter of Anger and Offences
Over four weeks, we shall consider this subject of Offences and Anger and our deliverance from this tyrant. I trust with great prayers that God will pass through the ordinariness of the blog and reach out to you as He did for me as well.
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1. The Tyranny of Anger

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Anger like every other sin, has torment and if not dealt with, leads to death. Yet, it is not God’s will that we be enslaved by Anger. The last time, we ended by praying quietly to the Lord for deliverance as He showed us the Tyranny of Anger. I approach this particular post with great prayers and faith in my heart…trusting that the Lord Himself will show up and do what He alone can do in our lives and do to us beyond what we can imagine. We would start by answering the question we closed with the last time…

“What a miserable person I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is doomed to die? Rom 7:24


Thank God! Jesus Christ will rescue me…”

Beloved, this is where to begin! Paul having tried all that he could, having used all religious methods possible, after all the fastings and strugglings, after setting rules for himself and breaking them by himself, after all said and done; he realised one great thing – there is only one way out…Jesus Christ.

Let me point out two things that helped Paul.
1. He came to the end of himself. We must come to the end of ourselves, we must quit trying on our own. Can you please stop struggling and pushing, can you stop setting rules like ‘I will just go away when he comes in’, can you realise the futility in your personal struggles? You must have discovered that the more you tried, the more you kept failing and falling; though you promised yourself never to be angry again, but it was after you got angry that you came back to your senses…the simple truth is it can’t work all by yourself. You must realise your trying can’t solve it, your resolutions can’t handle it…

It is bigger than you, surrender!

2. He asked God to work in him. This is the next immediate step to take! Ask the Lord to do a work in you. You see like Paul explained it, there is ‘something’ or better put ‘someone’ in you that causes you to get angry and takes over you and sort of forces or compels you to get angry, even when you dislike it so much. That is why you seem not to be able to control it… The good news is God has decided to deal with the root cause, through Jesus Christ.

An Illustration.
If you buy a car and employ a driver that has made you have accidents 10 times in a single month…he’s either over speeding or sleeping while driving or drunk before he drives or just careless. Do you return the car to the dealer, reporting that the car has had accidents several times? Is it the dealer’s fault? Is it your fault either? Oh…okay, then it must be the fault of the car…? Who should you deal with? The DRIVER! The man sitting at the driver’s seat, determining the direction of the car.

The problem is the driver, ask God to evict him.

Likewise, God never made a wrong you, it is not his fault you are the way you are. It is not your fault either for you can’t drive yourself…It is definitely the fault and the work of the one at the helms of affairs inside you, the one sitting at the driver’s seat. Unfortunately, the car cannot eject it’s driver, a greater force than the present driver must do the ejecting…and that’s exactly what Jesus Christ wants to do in you. In fact, that’s what He did when He went to the cross to die for you, it was to put an end to the Tyranny of SIN (the wicked, dangerous driver), forcefully eject him and then Sit there Himself, driving you and leading you right!

The question therefore is…
Will you ask Him to do this? Will you request that He comes to evict this present driver? Will you sincerely plead that He takes over the driver’s seat? Can you ask Jesus to deliver you from the Tyranny of SIN? Will you sincerely and hopelessly surrender to His working power in your life?

If your answer is Yes, then cry out to Him and ask Him to!

Oh Lord, deliver me from the wicked master…save me from who I’ve been all my life.

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