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JESUS CHRIST – His Death, My Righteousness!

Seasons like this in the year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the foundations of our christian faith as we look again at Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The last time we saw the first implication of Christ’s death, His death brought me Life, made me a son and granted me an access to him. This is the reason why I can call him my father and relate with him as such. In a further discussion, we see a second implication of Jesus’ going to the cross.

Isa 53:11

11 And when he sees all that is accomplished by the anguish of his soul, he shall be satisfied; and because of what he has experienced, my righteous Servant shall make many to be counted righteous before God, for he shall bear all their sins.

As I recall the grief and anguish of His soul (as we discussed last time), a little challenge rises up to my heart in the above scripture. Jesus went through great anguish, he was wounded & bruised, he was oppressed and afflicted… verse 3-9 of this scripture further describes this. But why?

To see… and be Satisfied!
Was all of this to be in vain? Jesus wanted to see the results of his anguish and be satisfied. There is something Jesus is looking for, that brings him satisfaction. Every time Jesus remembers all He went through, when he remembers the pain and suffering and grief and anguish of his soul, he longs to see something in those, for whom he paid that great sacrifice. When he doesn’t see it, he is not satisfied.

Whatever else Jesus sees never brings him satisfaction. He likes us, he wants us to have many things, but there is something in particular that prompted Jesus to go all the way to the cross, suffer all He suffered and died the way he did and that thing alone brings him satisfaction. Whatever thing happens to us, whatever thing we get or acquire, if Jesus doesn’t see this particular thing, He remains unsatisfied!

Righteousness before God.
Jesus’ expectation was that when he remembers all the anguish of his soul, he would see in us Righteousness and he will be satisfied. A right standing with God is the only thing that brings satisfaction to Jesus. Righteousness, not any other thing is the full proof of Jesus’ anguish. When Jesus remembers all He went through that dark night, when he looks at those for whom he went through the pain and suffering, what he longs to see is young people who are standing right with God.

For me the simple question remained:
When Jesus looks at me and sees the extent of accomplishment of his anguish in my life, will he be satisfied?

Does my life properly show the extent of the accomplishment of his pain? Were Jesus to look at me, will my life bring him satisfaction? Is my life daily declaring the full import of Jesus’ death? Is Jesus fully satisfied or he is going through pain again? Pain this time not because he is suffering again but because my life doesn’t make him happy.

Ever imagined a father who suffered and struggled through hard times of life before he became successful, comfortable and wealthy. Now he sends his son to the best school so that boy may not suffer through life like he did. But then this boy collects all the money, the car and comfortable things and keeps failing in school. He likes to get plenty of money from his father, he likes to show that he has a rich and wealthy father but he fails in his school work. Can his father be truly happy? Did his father go through all that pain and suffering and struggling just that his boy may be ‘rich’ and ‘comfortable’ without the first thing – success as a student?

For He shall bear all my Sins.
This was why Jesus went to the cross – to bear all my sins. If this doesn’t happen to me, then regardless of what else happens, my father is not satisfied. Doesn’t Jesus want me to be comfortable in life? Doesn’t He want me to have the best of this life? Sure he does… but all this only in addition to the first and main thing – Deliverance from Sin. Just like that father, I’ll keep causing Jesus great pain if whenever he looks at me, he still finds me secretly or publicly enjoying sin and its dividends. No matter what else I receive from him (and he may not withold those things from you like that father), if he doesn’t see a righteous life, He is not satisfied!

As we in this month reflect on the anguish of soul that Jesus went through, as we remember the price He had to pay, He did all of these that I may be free and delivered totally from sin, this brings Him great satisfaction.