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The Permanence of your Story!

As I ended the last post, something little but important came to the surface but so I don’t muddle it up with the previous burden, I decided to separate it here and deal with it on its own. I suddenly saw a permanence that comes on whatever you write in this year…

Esther 8:8b “…for the writing which is written in the king’s name, and sealed with the king’s ring, may no man reverse.

This scripture is both an encouragement for me and yet a warning to heed. Whatever I do, whatever way I live my life, whatever story you write in the sands of time and on the streets of your local community has a seal and cannot be reversed! Whatever… Good or bad, enviable or shameful, whether you wish it is quickly remembered or it is quickly forgotten; whatever you write in this year, acquires some permanence that no man can reverse! It lives on behind you, the stories are being told after you’ve gone, it’s marked down… “Esther was here, she wrote this decree!”

I wish I met Corper Patrick!
My first introduction to this was the story of one corper Patrick (not his real name) who served in my local government (Bekwarra local government, Cross River state) a few batches before I arrived. The news of his exploits greeted me as I spent the first few days on that land. Everyone talked about him… My principal spoke so much of him, he was a hardworking corper, he never missed classes, he taught his students well, he brought development to the school. The students spoke well about him, he was patient with them, he taught them very well, he had extra classes with the students. The local villagers talked about his good works, he gave to the students, he paid their school fees, he visited and took care of the elderly, he was involved in local service to the community as a whole! Even in town, in church, I still heard about him! He served in a local church and was committed as well. The local community of christians loved him. He organised seminars, talks, youth talks etc.

Then I began to silently wish I met him. I met his works, I saw his good deeds, I heard his story, I wish I met corper Patrick! I asked around what he was like, I talked to people about him just to see if I could catch a glimpse of what kind of a brother he was…

Then I began to pray about my own stay! I began to make commitments with God, “I will also write my own”.

I began to ask the Lord serious questions about my stay and my story. What must I do, to write such a strong, permanent story? How must I live that my impact will be remembered long after I have gone? What must I write that corpers who come after me will wish they had met this corper Daniel? I knew it had to be the Holy Spirit, I knew I had to define why I was there, I had to focus my energy on that which I wanted to be remembered for… That begun my search into God, actually it ended it a week of personal retreat (before school resumed), seeking God’s face, wondering what he would have me do in the course of this one year!

Only time and a visit to my school and community, chat with my colleagues will reveal what kind of a story I wrote. I know whatever I did will be permanent in that school and community, but what was it? I hope it was something enviable!

Now brother, it’s your own turn and opportunity to write an enviable story. Brother, Sister, the whole year is before you to describe what you want to be remembered for. Will it be as that lazy, rude and wicked corper? Will parents have to warn their girls not to be seen around you? Or will it be as the responsible, hardworking, decent female corper who won the respect of all, students, staff and even fellow corpers?

The choice is yours, the golden opportunity is before you…
Your Story will be permanent, what will it be?

Again please share with us your experiences in this light.