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Issues regarding Posting (04)

In the previous post, ‘Academic Preparation’ I shared with you a few tips as regarding academics and how not to be ‘left behind’ when the rapture of NYSC comes! In this 4th post (in the NYSC series), I want to talk about your state posting, how to see it, how to handle it and how to involve your parents. I needed much courage writing this particular post because of its sensitive nature but…Thank God, I wrote it all the same!

It is even more sensitive now when in our dear nation, some parts of the nation are not really sincerely safe. Presently, it is saddening that for months now, over a hundred young secondary school girls are being kept hostage by the Boko Haram sect, and we seem helpless as a nation about it…almost nowhere is safe in the country, particularly the northern states. But I believe there is only one safe place anywhere in the world…can you guess? Right…God’s location for you!

Now, I believe the NYSC scheme is not just a federal government scheme, I think it is also God inspired as several things have taken place with this scheme in the past and several things still taking place. I for one, could not substitute my service year for anything, it was very critical for me. I not only learnt a lot consolidating my walk with God but had opportunity to impact the lives of several students, labouring to show them a hope of a future and also labouring among disciples where I served…It indeed was a great experience for me! I therefore believe God has a plan for it (as long as it still remains in existence) and He determines the postings of His children and sends them where they are best needed.
A few points will help you:
1. God is utterly dependable! Except you are not sincere, if you look back at your life up till now, one thing is sure…God has not just been faithful but He has been Dependable! If He’s been consistent up till now, I don’t forsee Him changing in the next one year…for He remains the same yesterday, today and forever. If only you could depend on His faithfulness and believe His love to send you where you must be in the next one year, then all will be well.
2. Allocations are Location-specific! Do you ever think God’s blessings will miss the road to your house and mistakenly go to your neighbour’s? Of course not! Blessings are People specific and Location specific! Also, God’s allocations are not only people specific but also location specific… God’s resources (spiritual and physical) stay when they meet the right person in the right location. So be careful always to be at the right place at the right time…
3. Dealing with Fear! Cast your mind back a bit…Can you remember that exam you were very afraid of, the one you didn’t understand while reading despite your studying hard…but then you prayed, went in to the exam and did well! You remember that night you began to hear some strange sound behind your room and became very afraid…you prayed and slept and woke the next morning only to discover God kept you! I found that fear is very temporary! Once you pray and hold on to God’s word, in a few hours or days or months, it all will be over and then you’ll see you never needed to be afraid!

The missionary story!
I heard the story of a missionary somewhere (outside Nigeria) who was praying that God should use Him and send Him anywhere to serve Him. He prayed that prayer until he discovered that missionaries who came to Nigeria usually died of malaria and that several of them never went back alive. Then he changed his prayer slightly… “Lord, send me anywhere to serve you, except Nigeria”. This was the beginning of the issues he had with God. God wanted a disciple who could be sent anywhere with an assurance that He would be with him, but this missionary didn’t mind going anywhere except Nigeria! God didn’t answer nor respond to Him for months, he struggled in his heart against coming to serve God in our country until finally, amidst tears he broke down and said “Lord, send me anywhere to serve you, even if it is Nigeria!” . Then God responded to him saying “I actually never planned to send you to Nigeria, I was only waiting for you to be ready to be sent anywhere!” Hmm…

My Counsel is…Leave your Posting to God, don’t affect it!
Beloved, since all the above is true…Because God can be depended upon and all your resources are waiting for you where He plans to send you and God may simply just be waiting for you to be willing as a true soldier to ‘Go where He bids’…knowing all of these, leave your NYSC posting and let God send you to that land that has been waiting for someone like you! It shall be well…

I await your response as you go through this phase. Share with me how do you feel? You might just be surprised several felt the same way! I request brethren who have gone through the scheme and have experiences to please share with us…that we may find help at times like this. In the next post, I will be sharing a few tips on handling this issue with our parents.

Till then, God bless you!