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Handling Posting issues with Parents (05)

When we were to serve, I know a sister who was in tears because her parents insisted on changing her state posting for her to serve around Ibadan where they live. I know another sister who would have loved to go but both herself and her parents were very reluctant to release her.

Now, this is a dilemma disciples go into when they are still under parents and have to treat them with wisdom and honor…how do we handle such case? Let me share a few tips on that.

Tips on Handling Parents…
1. Out of Love and great responsibility: Let me acknowledge first that it will be irresponsible parents that will not care about the wellbeing and welfare of their children. No father (and you will become a father or mother one day and realise) wants to spend all the money to train his child, the child graduates successfully and then lose the child in death during that one year…and remember that several corpers have actually lost their lives during this period due to the crises in the nation over the years.

2. Be assured Yourself: First you must be assured yourself of God’s protection and safety wherever you go. Our commitment to following Christ is not based on a false assurance that ‘nothing can happen’ but a faith in God that “He that keeps Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers, He will keep His own”.  The devil may come to you to scare you, like he did to me several times but be strong in the Lord and rest on His assurance and promises. This is part of what you would have been praying about since you finished, so don’t be afraid. Be confident in God, that He will keep you. I went and came back, several others went and they went to those ‘dangerous’ states and some even remained there and are prospering there, others came back safely; you will also go and return…If God permits you to return!

3. Precedence of following God: Before now, you should have shown and demonstrated your unreserved desire to submit to the counsel and decisions of your parents but much more to submit to God and His will. They must have seen that you love God visibly and you have always sought to do His will, when it meant following them and doing what you obviously didnt like or want to do. While choosing your career, place of IT, serving in the exco or not, and other small decisions you have taken in the past, they must have discovered that you waited to be led by God before doing them despite your personal preferences. When they have seen such unreserved submission and commitment to them and your God and His will (whether they are born again or not), the issue of posting of NYSC becomes easier.

4. Talk about it casually but deliberately: Begin to talk about it to your parents, mention it in casual, light moments to view their standpoint and make your stand known gently and prayerfully. I usually encourage that you don’t wait until your mobilization number or worse still your state posting is released before you speak about releasing your NYSC to God’s hand and his will. Never shout, raise your voice or be angry with your parents, simply entreat them like the bible encourages us to do.

Finally, if they insist, release it!
If after you have done all of these, you have prayed, you have attempted to speak to your parents and they still insist on having your mobilization number and changing your posting, please release it to them and allow them, this is what discipleship teaches us. We are taught to submit to and honour our parents (and you are still under them), we have not been taught in anyway to be rebellious. Seek counsel and release it to them. Remember, all things work together for good, to them that love God, God still has control of situations… And even if you are eventually posted to your home town or close state (like one of my sisters was), you will take it as God’s divine will. If she will share with you, she would tell you she enjoyed every bit of serving there, very fulfilling it was for her…that was God’s will for her. Remember, God will avenge every disobedience when your own obedience is complete and He will absorb you of every decision and consequences as long as you did what you did in humble, sincere submission to God’s will, obeying your parents.

Again, I will humbly request that brethren who have gone through the scheme be kind enough to share some of their experiences and preparations in this aspect so those at that stage can learn also from it.
I will deal with the last type of preparation in the next post “Physical Preparations for NYSC”. There I will be talking about what you need to prepare physically (especially for the 3 weeks camp) things to buy and pack, what to take along and what is not needed and such things.

Happy preparation and God bless you.