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Practical ways of saying NO to Anger

Series Title: The matter of Anger and Offences
Over four weeks, we’ve been considering this subject of Offences and Anger and our deliverance from this tyrant. I trust with great prayers that God will pass through the ordinariness of the blog and reach out to you as He did for me as well.
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I decided to add this last post on the subject of anger (offences) and our victory over Sin. Last time as I shared my testimony, God showed us we’ve got the power to say NO to Temptation of sin. He told us we have received grace and now have the ability to live above sin. I felt I could share a few practical ways of saying NO to sin, particularly the sin of anger…


1. Two Wrongs never make a Right. Always remember this in practical situations. A return slap does not remove the effect of the first slap. If you insult the guy who insulted you, it doesn’t make the situation now correct. It takes two to fight, if you keep quiet the fight won’t last long! A back and front exchange of either blows or slaps or words or even swelling & boiling silence does not correct the situation…It only aggravates it. Leave it, let it go!

2. One man’s misbehavior is not an excuse for mine. My mum used to tell me this and I didn’t understand until one day God brought it to me again. There is never an excuse for misbehavior. If there is punishment for all who offend others, I don’t think those who allowed themselves to be angry will go Scot-free either. When I get to the gate of heaven and God asks me ‘Why did you insult that taxi driver?’ If I respond by saying ‘He tried cheating me of my change’ or ‘ The lady was trying to take me for a ride’…God will ask ‘So you got angry and insulted him right?’ Now do you think He will pardon me because I was provoked? Quite right, the driver gets his punishment for cheating me but I also get mine for insulting back… It’s not worth it!

3. Insults don’t change you. I know you know this but have not thought about it. If someone calls you a goat, does that make you a goat? If a 17 year old girl (for that matter) insults you and calls you idiot or foolish, does that remove the fact that you’re older? Or does that make you now begin to act foolish? If a first year student insults you as a masters student, does that change the fact that you are ahead of him academically? If as a man, someone says ‘You’re just like a lady’, does that suddenly make you start growing lady features and change you to a lady? Definitely NOT! So why make a big deal out of what doesn’t matter? No matter the insult and regardless of who brings it, it doesn’t change facts about who you presently are…Ignore them!

4. Leave the offence, let it pass by. When someone offends you, the English man says ‘You picked an offence with it…’ are you familiar with that statement? It looks to me as if you are standing by a flowing stream and someone suddenly drops an offence…an insult, a bad comment, a nasty statement, any offence…the offence comes towards you on the flowing stream. You have two options; pick the offence and make it yours OR leave it and let it pass by. Several comments would never have got you angry if only you didn’t pick it up. It was going on its own, you picked it and made it yours! Can you leave offences… Let it pass by!

Go ahead and live a victorious life above Anger and Offence!

God bless you.

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