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Don’t be afraid of missing out!

One of the things that sometimes stare me in the face as a young man, a growing disciple is the fear of missing out. Missing out of the fun, missing out of the influence, missing out of good things, missing out of life generally. I am sometimes threatened that if I throw my life, all my life into following and serving God, then I might just miss out of a whole lot of things.

Once while in my final year in school, an unbeliever classmate of mine came back from the one year internship with a beautiful Benz car. As he drove past me as I was walking my way to class that morning, for a few moments my heart went after the goodies. I found myself desiring a car myself. I said to myself, “This is enjoyment o, this is good life, after all it’s not a sin”. Thank God he brought me to my senses immediately, reminding me that a good life is beyond enjoyable material things. Besides, all I need for life and godliness in situated and located only in Christ Jesus.

Luke 12:24-32 (MSG)
 31  Steep yourself in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.
 32  Don’t be afraid of missing out. You’re my dearest friends! The Father wants to give you the very kingdom itself.”

Verse 32 reaches out to me first – Daniel, don’t be afraid of missing out! I know there is that tendency of being afraid, a fear of missing out, a fear of failing, a fear of missing it, a fear of missing out of God’s plans…but don’t be afraid dear! You are my dearest friend…I am a friend of God, he calls me friend. Not only will you get this particular ones right, the Father also loves to give you the very Kingdom of God itself.

Beloved, are you a christian, a disciple? A young guy who has sold out his life for Christ? Are you there giving up the pleasures of this world, seemingly legitimate rights and goodies for the sake of pursuing God’s will? Are you a young man who has decided to rather than look for a lucrative job, spend his time in sacrificial service for God or for his people? Have you decided to use your skill and talent silently and freely for God’s people to cause an advancement of His purpose?

As a lady, have you sown yourself to service and hard work? Have you decided to spend your little resources on some young children the Lord showed to you? Did you decide to spend your time with that young christian couple helping them and serving them? Did you decide to take up a lower paying job as against that very high paying one just because of the extra demands of the boss there? Did you decide to focus on God and your work rather than making yourself up or carrying yourself in a deliberate way to attract suitors?

Are you there decided for Christ, decided to be truthful at all times? Have you made up your mind to live for Jesus only and serve Him as long as you live? Have you made up your mind not to compromise your stand no matter the situations around you. As engaged brothers and sisters, have you made up your mind together and agreed to remain pure till you get married? Did you decide your home will rather serve God’s purpose rather than a show off as a comfortable young couple?

Unfortunately, after you decided like this in your closet, you come out and then see your mates and colleagues who didn’t make such decisions. A fear begins to rise in your heart… I will miss out on a lot of things. Some of those friends may even have been bold enough to tell you to your face that you’re missing out and now you’re sobbing!
God says “Don’t be afraid of missing out”.

“I am thinking of you as my friend and I don’t plan that you will be behind. No, as your good friend, I have great plans for you and the summary is, you won’t miss out. Do you want to have fun and enjoy yourself? I am real fun to be with. Are you looking for a good life? Only in me can life be truly good. Besides that, I have plans to give you the kingdom! This is something the unbelievers cannot get. This is something that is not available for ordinary church goers, this is not available for those who have not become my disciples… I make the promise of my kingdom only to my disciples. Only you, who have become my disciple can enjoy that. So my dear son relax, my dear daughter relax…you won’t miss out!”

Thank you Jesus, I’m grateful for you’re thinking of me. HALLELUYAH!