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Disciples…Setting the Pace in Right doing!

Hey….Happy new Month, it’s July already!

As we rounded our discussion on not allowing unbelievers lead the way and set the standard for us to effortlessly copy or struggle to avoid, I suddenly saw the need to speak about Disciples ready to set the pace and lead the way! There are several things to talk about like setting the Pace in Excellence, setting the pace in Action and voluntary service, like leading the way in giving and living sacrificial lives but I particularly want to speak about the need for us to Lead the way in doing things right!

My Experience.
I once worked in a local secondary school teaching physics and discovered that the teachers were very slack with their work. They wouldn’t resume in school until 10 or 11am and would have missed their classes, they never took their work seriously and only began to rush up with notes when inspectors were visiting from the ministry of education.

As a Christian joining them, I was thorn between two. Being blackmailed ‘overzealous’ while I be a Christian and joining them in that careless way of life.

Praise God I chose the first option… Of course, I was blackmailed and mocked but I remained a Christian and the Joy that filled my heart all through my stay in the school! And Guess what? Soon they all began to change seeing my attitude…I was influencing them. I started hearing them talk about having extra classes and see them running to school very early in the morning, soon we started fighting for periods to teach extra!

My Lessons.
There, I learnt a few important lessons about setting the Pace in Righteousness…
1. Unbelievers are simply living the life they live because they have not found a better alternative. They have not seen someone who can consistently live Right without compromise…
2. Unbelievers only look fearless, for many of them, it is boldface. If you show them right, they will break down!
3. Some there are who are only looking for the first to do it, if you lead the way in the right thing, they will follow you.
4. Many know what to do but lack power to do it. If they find you doing the right thing, they have an example to follow and would soon seek help in living the same way.

My Charge.
Dear believer, Go and lead the way. Don’t be the one breaking the rules first, don’t be the one following the wrong. Dont worry about whether or not they will follow you, simply lead the way. Take the lead as you discern the right to do and watch God move others to do the same. Go and Set the Pace as you live Right and Compel others to follow you!