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Receiving Help from the Lord!

The last time we reminded ourselves that there is a provision for help whenever we need it. Whether the help we need is to escape a temptation to sin, or it is to obey God, or it is even the help to work on your academics or do a seeming natural task, that help is available. But we also saw that the help is available online only, help is found in the Lord, at the throne of grace, only. We said that if we must find help in our daily tasks, then we must know how to climb there to the Lord and receive help from there.

As a little follow-up, I wanted to quickly share with you 3 little tips (as I learnt) in receiving the help we need, when we have a need for practical help.

1. Come boldly not proudly

Heb 4:16
“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace…”

Whereas the Lord resists the proud and sees the proud from afar off, he requires us to come to him boldly. The proud goes to his father as though he deserves the help. The proud approaches the Lord as if it is his right to be helped and rather than plead for help, he arrogantly demands it.

To come boldly, on the other hand, is to realise that you have an access, an open door to the throne of grace and to go there to ask. But it is to go there gently, confidently but humbly, asking and pleading for help… knowing your father is willing to help you!

2. Ask for help

James 4:2c
“… Yet you have not because you ask not”.

How many times we say we pray but we really do not ask! Only those who ask for help, receive help. Even though God knows you need it, he only releases to those who ask him for it. Many people reach the throne of grace but never make any request. They cry, they complain, they become anxious and even start to whine about how much things are not working, but they don’t really ask.

My friend, the next time you climb to the throne of grace, please do ask! Don’t just get there and complain, ask for what you need. Don’t stand before God and worry about how confused you are & how the whole thing is scattering. He is your father, and even though you can report things to him (though he’s been there all the while seeing it), but you need to ask.

Time spent complaining doesn’t solve the problem. Time spent crying doesn’t bring the help you need. You have not asked until you ask.

Hours spent calculating how much time you need to study or how much money you need or how tired you are, won’t bring the help you need. Even great desires and plans to ‘find time’ to pray or find time to do what should be done, doesn’t really accomplish the task. What must you do? ASK FOR HELP!

3. Receive the help

This last tip is the practical part of the whole process of finding active help in the time of need. How many times have I spoken to someone about a bad habit, struggle with sin or something to be done and all I hear at the end is “Hmm… God will help me” and they go away stuck in it. Even though they say with their mouth as though they want to be helped, they are not really ready to be helped . . . They speak as if divine help is difficult to obtain.

Titus 2:11
For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men

Yet the bible says God’s grace has been revealed to all men. When you have asked for help, receive the help. When you wake up tired in your body and yet there is work to do, don’t lie down on the bed crying about how tired you are and remain there. Ask God for help and get up from the bed! When that tempting web ad, with a nude picture, surfaces on your screen asking you to ‘click for more’, don’t sit there starring at the screen… ask God for help and close the tab or browser as a whole.

When your work becomes overwhelming and you just don’t know which to tackle first, don’t keep complaining and crying. Ask God for help but then start somewhere. Break down your schedule into bits, separate tasks based on urgent/not urgent and important/not important… Receive the help available for you!


In conclusion…

From time to time, we may find ourselves in situations and we are just not coping. That’s not strange, simply go there, where help is found. Climb to the throne of grace, ask sincerely for help and receive the help when God brings it.

Sometimes, receiving this help may involve seeking counsel from an elder. Sometimes, you may need someone to show you how they have practically received help in that area of their lives. The important thing to note is that the Lord will not leave his children stranded without help; help is available, seek it and you’ll find it.

Don’t forget… 

James 1:5 If you don’t know what you’re doing, Pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to when you ask for it.

Luke 11:10 He that asks, receives…

What do you need help with? Have you gone boldly to God’s throne, to ask for the help you need and to receive it?