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All Concerns will be met!

Last time, God assured us that we won’t miss out of His plans, his counsel and even not miss out of life in general. He in fact encouraged us that He will give to us the very Kingdom itself. That lightened me up and relaxed me so much, I don’t need to run after anything, my father and friend is thinking of me. Now this time, He’s adding something more to the promises… All my everyday human concerns will be met!

Luke 12:24-32 (MSG)
 31  Steep yourself in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.
 32  Don’t be afraid of missing out. You’re my dearest friends! The Father wants to give you the very kingdom itself.”

My interest this time is verse 31…and two things come out strongly here:
1. Steep yourself in God;
2. All concerns will be met!

So steep yourself in God!
Webster dictionary defines this steep as…
1: to soak in a liquid at a temperature under the boiling point (as for softening, bleaching, or extracting an essence)
2: to cover with or plunge into a liquid (as in bathing, rinsing, or soaking)
3: to saturate with or subject thoroughly to…

So my part is to soak myself completely in God, submerge myself, cover myself with God, plunge myself into God, saturate myself in God…very strong words! I cannot do it partially, it has to be a submerging, a complete total plunging into God. This is not just about looking for something first and then now searching through others; this is about a total immersion, without any hope of recovery. Imagine soaking in a liquid under boiling point, not just dipping, not just putting but soaking and expecting a bleaching – there is absolutely no hope of coming out the same!

Steep into God… God reality, God initiative, God provisions…
God Reality… talks about a submerging into His Presence. I must not just be convinced but be immersed, be overwhelmed, be plunged into the fact that God exits (He rewards those who diligently seek him) and His presence is real, He wants me to be with him, always! God wants me to believe Him and His word and to dive into living it.
God Initiative… talks about the things God desires and wants accomplished. This sounds to me like God’s will per time, per place. It must be God taking the initiative each time for every work to be done. Also, I must ensure that everything God is doing, His initiative must be plunged into. I must locate whatever plans God has as it concerns me and pursue it. Not my thinking, not my own plans, but His.
God Provisions… As much as I struggle with this, I have to agree with the meaning. God also expects me to plunge into His provisions. I am to be involved with His attempt to provide for His people and work. God wants me to be a part of His provisions for His people. As I understand what he wants to do, I must release myself to join God in providing for others and for his church. Giving to me will not be by obligation nor by coercion, but by soaking myself in trying to be a part of God’s provisions as He leads.

“… You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met”.
It looks to me like, you don’t have to worry about those human concerns, they will all be met. God says, “Yes, I know you have concerns, I know there are everyday concerns, everyday issues, needs and cares that flood your heart but if only you forget about them, steep yourself into Me and what I am doing and what I want done, you’ll just suddenly discover that all those concerns are being met. Without taking thought about it, without particularly doing anything to it, by just being aware that I am with you, and that this is what I want to do and this is how you will be involved with what I am doing; you’ll soon discover that those concerns will be met, will be addressed.

And Lord sincerely we have concerns this day…and the coming weeks! For some of us, issues of our academics – tests, exams and for some admission; issues of getting a good job; a new house or car for mobility; some of us have concerns about our health or that of our parents or friends… We have varied concerns Lord! Please meet those concerns for us, I am trying to take my heart off it and be involved with you. As we attempt to live this, please help us to experience this practically, IJN.