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Samson: God’s Mercy for His Chosen


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Samson not only displayed man’s unfaithfulness and misbehavior, He also gave vivid expression Of  God’s gracious and longlasting Mercy, over the lives He chooses!

I was amazed and yet excited how God kept His mercies flowing from the first time he went down to Timnah. Today I am not talking about Samson neither about relationships with the opposite sex but Samson seemed like a typical man… He naturally got attracted to ladies despite the fact he was anointed. Anointing doesn’t stop attraction, what you do in response is what makes the difference. But Samson kept sleeping with ladies everywhere, he disobeyed God, he killed and ate from the dead, he fought and won and displayed it like his strength…but all through, God kept His mercies for him.

God’s Mercies usually says “Let me bless him a little more, maybe he will change”; God’s mercy is one in faith, God’s mercy is one that anticipates a return of His child. It doesn’t matter for how long his son has been lost and how deep either, He’s always waiting like the father of the prodigal son, for the return of His beloved.


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Don’t keep Him waiting, don’t keep God’s mercy on the line. Yes, He keeps the line of mercy open but when you consistently refuse it and ignore it, it may finish after a while. It’s like an elastic that you keep stretching, you can keep stretching until you reach its elastic limits…then ‘tap’, it snaps! But God is full of mercy, whenever you return to Him, no matter how far you went and how deep you misbehaved, God usually is excited to receive you back.


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Please don’t end like Samson, return to your maker today. Return to the instructions He gave you. Return to discipleship, God’s slowness to anger and pulling long of the rope of mercy is not necessarily God’s acceptance of your present state. Repent and turn back to the Lord today and He will receive you. Forget about the past, ignorant days God has overlooked. Times when we were childish, God has ignored and He promised to remember no more…just return to Him like Samson did!

28  Then Samson prayed to the Lord and said, “O Lord Jehovah, remember me again–please strengthen me one more time, so that I may pay back the Philistines for the loss of at least one of my eyes.”
29  Then Samson pushed against the pillars with all his might.

And God responded to him again, though only for a last time!