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Help is only available Online


This was the message I received when I was working in Microsoft PowerPoint sometime ago and didn’t know how to do something I was trying to do. I decided to find help on that particular task… Then I received this message!

“Help is only available Online”

This was shocking to me… Well, didn’t I know that I needed the internet to access critical help files? Maybe I momentarily forgot. Maybe I thought somehow, I would still find some help – Unfortunately, help is only available online! and at that particular time, I wasn’t connected to the internet. As disappointed as I was at that moment, I saw how much this is similar to my relationship with God and learnt a few crucial lessons.

There is help!

The other day I woke up tired – not just bodily but more especially in my mind. I had been working on a project for so long and it was just refusing to finish. Coupled with that, I had several other assignments and deadlines staring at me and I wasn’t making much progress with them. The more I sat and thought about all I needed to do, the more I just got tired and my time slipped away without my being able to do anything. I just got really tired and helpless. The fact was that I wasn’t coping at all – I needed help ASAP!

The truth is there is help. Help is always available. Anytime you get stuck while trying to perform a task, anytime a situation seems bigger than what you can achieve, anytime you feel extremely tired or frustrated . . . just about anytime you need help, help is available. Anytime you sit back and discover you have done so much and achieved so little, anytime you become afraid to pursue a task you know you should do, anytime ‘everything’ just seems overwhelming and you discover that you’re not coping . . . remember, there is help available for you!

Heb 4:16
So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.

 Help – Online only!

One thing, however, that I noted very deliberately was that little word ‘only’. Surely, there is help. Help is available just when we need it but it is only available online. Divine help is only available at the throne of God. If a man must receive help, he must approach the throne of grace. In the scripture in Hebrews, there was that other little word “There” . . . It is there, grace and help are released. Those who would find help must climb there. Those who will receive help in their academics must know how to go there frequently, or better still live there. Those who will experience help on a daily basis or moment by moment basis must be people who have learnt to go there boldly.


From the Lord – at the throne of grace!

Where is this there? Where is this place a young man must go and actually dwell to secure help for his life on a daily basis? If help can be found ‘there’ only, where is that place of help?

Psalm 121:1-2 
I look up to the mountains, does my help come from there? My help comes from the LORD, who made the heavens and the earth! (NLT)

 Help is from the Lord! True help is only available from the Lord. There is only one place, that all those who need help look to, they look to the Lord for it. Whereas many look to friends, some look to social media, some look abroad, but help doesn’t come from there. Temporary relief may come, you may feel some instant gratification, but real practical help only attends to those who seek it from the Lord.

We must learn to look to the Lord, our father, for all the help we need. We must learn to constantly look to the throne of grace, that is where we can find all the help we may need. Are you presently tired? Look to the Lord for your help today. Are you about to make a critical decision? The kind that you know what God wants from you but feel helpless to do it? Ask for help my brother. Are you feeling overwhelmed with work or studies (or both)? Are you about to give up and walk away from God’s purpose you discovered because it doesn’t seem easy? No sister . . . Don’t walk away, ask for help!

Help is truly available, but only at the throne of grace, from the Lord.

Do you have an experience of a time you needed help and you found it? Or are you at such a time now? Share with me and my friends below!