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When the road is dark…Take off the Limitations!

Disciples enter into this period of time where we can’t see the way anymore, what was clear and bright a few weeks back suddenly becomes dark and confusing and we are stuck not knowing what to do.

Last time, I shared with you a video by Farris Long sent to me by my sister with a vivid illustration of the way to behave at such dark times. I emphasised his second point of Praying and continuous prayer! This time, I want to consider his first point…Take off the Limitations!

There are a few limitations I want to draw your attention to that you must “take off” even before you begin to pray…
1. Insincerity
This is one major thing that plagues believers and make it difficult for God to speak into their situations. You must be sincere with yourself on the issue. How did it all begin? What was the attraction? What was the deep unseen basis for consideration?

2. Wrong motives & mindset
Deal with all wrong motives. Motives of fame, silent motives of the attraction of money, motives of keeping up a ‘testimony’ or better put, an ego as a good brother or issues of lust or infatuation are all capable of hindering God from responding. Also deal with the wrong mindset; expectation of how God must respond. God is the same but His methods are not static, for He works in ways we may not see!

3. Hasty spirit
The “wrong-est” (permit my use of word) thing to do is to make a decision when you are at that situation. Being in a hurry to take a step usually indicates we really are not depended on Him for direction. This is the time to wait patiently, don’t rush to do something or just pick one of the options. Remember, not all options are correct, only one will be for that time; so be patient to discover it!

Imagine you were travelling on a road someone described to you though you have never been through it. As you journey and meet markers as described, excitement arises in your heart but imagine as you keep going on and on suddenly you discovered you don’t know your way again, everything is strange and does not look like the description you were given.

Wisdom says…stop and ask! Dont just keep going on any route assuming you’ll still arive there.

Better still, return to the last point you were sure you recognised and take it from there again. Reverse or turn back and compare your description to your present journey to discover where it last tallied…

Finally, ask yourself this question…What did God say last? At what point was I sure of His leading? What was the last clear instruction? What actually was His promise? Returning to Bethel like Abram did is the first step to restoration; at Bethel, you can call on the name of the Lord!

Gen 13:1-4
  “So Abram left Egypt and went back … to Bethel, the place he had first set up his tent between Bethel and Ai and built his first altar. Abram prayed there to GOD”.

In Summary…
Beloved, what’s dark now is about to become clear…just take off the Limitations and Keep praying!

Happy new Month…