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Obedience – The Essence of Asking Questions

Some time ago, a sister came to ask for a counsel. She began by telling me what the conflict was – someone wanted her to do something (not wrong) she didn’t want to do but this person is another elder she couldn’t really ignore. It wasn’t convenient for her, she had spoken to some of her friends and they had counselled her alike – insist you can’t do it. The beautiful thing is that she was sincere, she told me all of this herself – the conflict, the position of her friends & her own position as well – I can’t do this, it’s not convenient!

This put me in a not too good state. As she spoke, I knew she should do it. But I also knew she had made up her mind. So I confronted her directly – “Sis, why are you asking me? Do you really want to hear the truth or you just want to sample my opinion? Will you be ready to follow my counsel?” The truth was I wasn’t sure and it turned out I was right!

The real essence – Obedience!

What is the essence of asking questions in discipleship? Why does the bible encourage us to “stand and ask for the old, right path and walk in it”? It is because God expects us to walk in it. There will be no need to ask if you won’t walk. The essence of asking questions is that we are willing to obey! Because the disciple is continuously growing to be like Jesus, he is always willing to know more about what will make him a little more like Jesus.

a. The Disciple seeks every opportunity to learn.

He takes advantage of every outing to watch. He is slow to speak and quick to listen if there is something more he can learn. Above all, he is ready to drop what he’s been carrying when he encounters the truth of God’s word. He is ready to obey the truth he has seen.

b. The Disciple is not just knowledge crazy.

He doesn’t ask just to amass knowledge to himself, the real aim is that he might become what he knows. For him, knowing is not the end, doing is the priority. He is always asking because he sincerely desires to be better than he is!

For the Disciple, knowing is not the end, doing is the priority!

c. The Disciple is simple, humble and willing to obey.

This I find is one subtle temptation I (like most young person) often face. We sometimes think we know and that what we know is the right thing. It’s difficult to submit what we think we know for the scrutiny of another, lest they stop you from going that direction. And so because we don’t want to be seen as disobedient, we would rather not ask.

Ask and avoid the avoidable Mistakes

Several mistakes we fall into would have been avoided if we simply asked before doing it. So our lives are littered with errors, simple mistakes, avoidable mistakes and sometimes costly ones! Surely, there are necessary experiences we must have on our own and even mistakes we must make, that are necessary for our individual growth and for such, God surely knows how to arrange them and no matter how many questions or understanding you have about them, you’ll still have your own experience. Only I don’t want to fall into errors not catered for & not necessary, I don’t want to perish just for lack of knowledge!

Beloved, as we warmup to ask questions, determine to obey. As you seek to understand bible truths, go ahead to do what you discover. Search the scriptures, ask questions and pursue obedience to what you see & hear.

The real essence of discipleship is to daily conform to the image of Christ, to progressively become like Jesus in everything. This must be our goal & desire.

May the Lord help you and I in Jesus name.