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Several times, I have had to search for articles that had been written and published on the blog. Yes, it is possible to search for any blog post using keywords or if you have an idea of what the blog post is about; using the search box on any page of the blog. However, anyone who does not know what kind of posts already exist will not even know what to search for.

So I decided to pull together all the posts ever published on the blog, into one page. I believe this will help us all to find past blog posts as the need arises and particularly help new subscribers locate previous posts, peradventure any may be of help.

I have decided to arrange it from the latest (top) to the earliest (bottom) so as to create consistency with the way ‘recent posts’ are arranged. Feel free to click on any of the posts to read it. 

God bless you.

The Hidden Curriculum – God’s Method of Strengthening Disciples

This Generation And Publicity!

They Have Not Taught Us!

Focus On The White Spaces!

Obedience – The Essence of Asking Questions

Asking Questions in Discipleship – Practical Issues

Asking Questions in Discipleship 

Previewing a New Year – 5 Categories

Review the Past and Preview the New Year 2017

5 Reasons To Be Thankful to God in 2016

The Professional Disciple (Part 2)

The Professional Disciple (Part 1)

Who Are You Listening To?

The Kind of Son the Father truly wants

True Obedience of a Son 

Two kinds of God’s Children

Receiving Help from the Lord!

Help is only available Online

Why Pray when you can Worry?

Dinah took that Walk too

Don’t Take that Walk

Be Still and Know that I am God!

LAH – End of the Beginning!

JESUS CHRIST – His Death, My Righteousness!

JESUS CHRIST – His Death, My Life!

Absolute Trust in the Father

Declare Your Identity First: A Practical Experience!

NYSC: Declare Your Identity First and Early!

Why Am I Here? The Matter of Purpose in NYSC

The Permanence of your Story!

Settling into the Service Year

Welcome to 2015!

Attitudes for the Christmas Holiday Period

Cast Off… Renewing your mind by the word of God

After Salvation, what next?

All Concerns will be met!

Don’t be afraid of missing out!

Learn A Hymn: Redeemed, How I Love To Proclaim It!

Introducing Learn A Hymn

Practical ways of saying NO to Anger

My Testimony of Victory!

My Deliverance from Anger!

The Tyranny of Anger!

When the road is dark… Take off the Limitations!

When the road is dark… Keep Praying!

Don’t Intimidate an Elder, leave room for genuine input!

Physical Preparations for NYSC (06)

The life of Elders… Copy the right things!

Learn from the Elders…they’re a great blessing!

Disciples…Lead the way in DOING not TALKING!

Disciples…Setting the Pace in Right doing!

Peer Pressure…always Negative?

Handling Posting issues with Parents (05)

Issues regarding Posting (04)

Samson: God’s Mercy for His Chosen

For His Mercies Endures Forever!

Samson: He played games with God!

Spiritual Preparation (02)

Academic Preparation (03)

Nigerian Youth Serving Christ! (NYSC)

Preparing to Serve my Nation (01)

Walking Worthy: The Practicals

Walking Worthy

That’s it, Enjoy and be Blessed!