Sometimes we as young men and women growing up to be disciples of Jesus Christ get confused as to how to practically translate the several principles, teachings and messages we hear into an enjoyable, fun-filled and yet effective and fulfilling life.

We many times get confused and only struggle to practically live it out. We reach crossroads and don’t know how to proceed. Some, not being able to figure out how to enjoy this life, have given up on it. Others have only ‘tagged along’, waiting for the next available time to be ‘free’. But still some exists that sincerely have a glimpse of how things should be, how enjoyable and satisfying following Jesus Christ can be, even as a young person and seeks help to follow through.

I heard a sister ask as we heard a challenging exhortation recently “My life is not here (in church), how do I practically live like you’re saying when I’m among my friends on my campus?” This broke me, as I saw the sincerity in her tone. Several young people are like this, caged in a religious life and that full of rules without a practical translation of God’s ways and words in real life.

This is the burden for All4krist. Here, we would share with ourselves as young people God’s interest in our lives and the peculiar challenges facing us as we try to follow Him in discipleship, in this very fast paced generation of ours. We would be very practical about it, talking about natural, physical things that we go through everyday and see how God can help us. It is important to note that this Community is going to be biased, all discussions and Issues are going to be raised and seen from the Bible perspective and how we can properly grow as disciples together. We would seek to explore the practicality of divine biblical principles, in our day-to-day life.

This is not an avenue for Preaching but for Practical discussions. Please feel very free to respond to any post. Raise genuine questions if you have, share your experiences. Lets grow together, lets help one another. Your ‘comments’ won’t be just comments, they would surely help another life see the same thing in your own words and maybe you’re not the only one going through what you’re going through; someone else might show you how he/she was helped in that area.

God bless you.

Daniel Adeboye.