They Have Not Taught Us!

Remember this phrase?

I’m sure we’ve all used it over & over while we were in school. Anytime a teacher asked us a question based on something he expected us to have known, maybe in a previous class or term and we didn’t remember it, the easiest response was “Uncle, they have not taught us”!

Finally, Thaddeus was writing his WAEC (matric) exam. After 6 years of teaching, of assignments, of practicals and projects. Admittedly, he had been taught well. He had been prepared, there were several days of instructions, nights of revision, and periods of mock examinations. Now, the main exams had arrived and Thaddeus was in the exam hall.

confused exam

Unfortunately, he looked at the question paper and they were strange. He honestly thought he had prepared for the exams but things still looked strange. He couldn’t say he hadn’t been taught but now was the time to show what he had learnt and he was stranded!

At a certain stage in life, nobody will ask you if you were taught. Nobody will take “they have not taught us” as an excuse for misbehaviour. There is a stage I will get to in life, and I will not have an excuse for not knowing certain things.

The Training Stage

Before this stage, there is a training stage. It is a stage where I am expected to be taught. At this stage, nobody makes requests from me. At a stage in my life, nobody turns to me for serious things. At this time, nobody looks to me for anything great or serious. At a time in my life, everyone leaves me to learn & eat & grow. At this stage, everyone leaves me alone to be taught. Everyone rushes to teach me, everyone struggles to show me, old & young, elderly & younger, uncle & aunty, almost anyone around wants & loves to teach me at such a stage.

Sometimes, it comes as instructions. Other times, it comes as a correction or a rebuke. It is sometimes palatable for me and at other times, I wonder why everyone is saying the same thing – which I assume “They just don’t get me”. During this training period, I might even arrive at points where I don’t understand myself anymore and like I have said to myself severally “I can’t even do anything right”. Yeah . . . those times, characteristic of the preparatory stage in life!

They didn’t teach me – Not An Excuse!

But a time now arrives, “They didn’t teach me” is not an excuse. Even though we know and agree that learning never ends, learning is continuous, but for certain things & at certain times, I cannot say ‘I have not been taught’. I am expected to have known. It is expected that I already know what to do. It is assumed that someone should have taught me, someone should have prepared me and trained me.

Or how could you have been a disciple for these number of years, and still cannot hear God well & discern his will for you as a person? Who would expect that you cannot preach a simple salvation message, or even just witness to an individual? Who would expect that you cannot lead an effective prayer session or follow up a young convert? People just look at you and assume you should know by now. You remember the short video I wrote about some time ago? Once the director calls for you, He expects you to have known!

Hmm… That is not an easy realization! Young man, how are you maximising this training period? Young lady, aren’t you wasting this period when many people are struggling to help you? Dear disciple, this time when everyone is rushing to talk to you, everyone is looking for you, everyone is showing how to do things won’t last forever. Very soon, you’ll cross this phase and you’ll suddenly see that we all expect you to have known. There would be no questions, no explanations… Just expectations!

Time to Learn is NOW!

So dear, pay attention to what you are being taught now. Remain under the hands God is bringing your way now. Whether it’s physical or its spiritual, learn it now. Whether it is a technical skill or it is a physical skill, take advantage of it and learn it well now. Whatever the Lord allows you to learn, must be somewhere in your exam question in future . . . Pay close attention to it now!

Hmm . . . Lord, don’t let me have carryovers. Everything I need to have known before God & men begin to make demands on my life, help me to get it. Expose me to the lessons I need to learn before life requests for what I’ve got. Before men begin to ask “who made you”, take me to your quarry site and expose me to your making process. Don’t let me escape your training hand, don’t let me run away from your instructions now. Please, Lord, don’t let me carry over my preparatory stage. Just help me, Lord. Prepare me, train me, help me to keep learning, keep watching, keep following and keep growing . . .

Proverbs 30:25 The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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