Previewing A New Year – 5 Categories

As we proceed in this new year, we have begun to reflect on what last year held for us & what this year is likely going to hold. In the last post, we saw what review and preview are and also why a review of the past year and a preview of the new year is important for us to do. 

In this post, permit me to suggest 5 categories in which you can do a review and preview for the coming year. I decided to approach this from raising critical questions, this is how I have always done it personally. From these, prayer points for the year ahead will begin to show up for you.

1. Relationship with God

Your relationship with God is the most critical thing to review and preview. Your entire life depends on the proper functioning of this one. What was it like last year? What were your struggles & mistakes? What did you learn about God? What principles did you discover last year? What did God do for you? What critical life lessons did you learn that will enhance your relationship with God? What do you see God leading you into for this new year? What is God saying to you about your walk with him? What principles must you keep living by? What habits must not go with you into this new year? Now, what are your prayer issues for the new year 2017?

2. Relationship with People

This is next to our relationship with God. How did your relationships go last year? What kind of friends did you keep? What did they teach you? What kind of people did you flock with & who are those that moved around you? There will be friends that must go with last year; they added nothing serious to your life, rather they were a bad influence on you. On the other hand, there were relationships that helped your walk with God last year. There were friends or people whose relationship with them grew you somehow, such should be renewed and cherished going forward.

3. Academics, Profession & Work

How did your last year go as regards your academics? How did you fair? What did your place of work look like? What lessons are you learning? What mistakes did you make? How would you correct these errors & avoid them this year? In your relationship with your boss, supervisor, colleagues or subordinates, how did it go? Do you need to seek counsel on your academics? Is there a recurring problem you notice and you’ve not been able to handle on your own? Don’t go another year repeating the same mistakes, someone around you (a godly person) may have some wisdom for you. Review and preview your academics & work and spend some time to pray towards the new year.

4. Special Assignments and Labour

As a disciple begins to grow, God begins to commit little assignments into his hand. Did you have such assignments last year? How did you handle it? What about the sisters God sent to you to follow up? What about the study class you were assigned to lead & teach? What about the little children God spoke to you about? What about the special assignment to pray or to care for or to encourage someone or a group of people? How did you handle it? What mistakes did you make? What lessons did you learn? What struggles did you have? How will you do better in the new year?

I called it special because it could even have been in your place of work – the nudging to preach or buy someone a book? The seemingly secular assignment/project given you by your boss; did you know it was a special assignment from God, to check your faithfulness & bring out the best from you? How did you handle it?

5. Finances and Resources

What happened with your finances last year? Did you experience God’s provision for you? Were you a greedy person looking for how to make money by all means? Did you fall victim to enticing financial schemes & traps? Did you make a mistake somewhere? Or were you a faithful steward of God’s resources? Were you conscious of the fact that the salary you are earning is not yours but His, whose life you’re living? How would you behave with your finances this new year?

So here is your assignment again…
Prayerfully & thoughtfully reflect over & then write down a review, preview and prayer points for the year 2017.

Now, this is primarily a personal record as it is critical for your journey. So you don’t necessarily have to show it to anyone. Keep it and continue to read through it and evaluate yourself as the year progresses. However, I always recommend that you show the full or a summary of it to your discipler. It will be useful as they watch your progress under God and also pray for you in this new year. They would be able to watch & guide you as you speak about what you intend to do as the Lord shows you. Let me remind you not to try to please anybody or paint a false picture of yourself. Keep it as sincere & as true as possible so the Lord can help you properly.

God bless you beloved.

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