Review the Past and Preview the New Year 2017 

Let me first wish you all a happy new year 2017. I’m sure in our various churches & fellowships, the Lord would have declared via his word and his servants what this year would look like, and what our parts would be in seeing those promises come to pass in our lives.

Every Promise has a Premise. 

Every promise of God comes with a premise and if we desire to have the promises being fulfilled in our lives, then we must pay attention to the premise, the condition for getting the promise. So as God declares to you severally, one thing is clear about this year – it’s a year to walk in a deeper relationship with Jesus, it’s a year to abide more in His presence. This year, God’s presence & spirit will cause things to happen effortlessly for those who are friends of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord do all he has said unto each and every one of us IJN!

Now, one of the strongest things to do at the transition of a new year (either calendar year or birth year) is to do a review of the outgoing year and preview of the incoming year.

Review the Past Year

It is to take stock of your present state and see how it went in the outgoing year. It is to find out what happened in the last year, what is there to thank God for and what lessons you learnt, that you must cherish & hold onto for the rest of your life and especially this new year. So beloved, what principles did you learn & which you must continue to live by? On the other hand, what must you run away from, what is there is avoid, what is there to forget, what is there to leave behind?

Preview the New Year

Next, is to look forward to the new year. Ask questions from God – what will this year look like? What must this year contribute to my walk with Him? What are my aspirations? What are my prayer requests? What do I look forward to? What are my commitments? What should the Lord do for me this year? What principles must I not fail to live by in this coming year? These are examples of questions to ask. What do you sense is God’s personal instruction to you in this new year? What labor must you engage in, this new year? etc.

This is not restricted to a calendar year only. So let’s assume your birthday is approaching. It’s not a time just for partying & eating, it’s a time to sit personally and review your past year that is finishing and preview the new year you’re going into. Of course, when it’s a new calendar year as well, apart from the general ‘word of the year’ that comes from God’s servant, God has something deliberate to say to you as his personal child, that will set you up & going for the new year ahead.

Why is this important?

This is critical as it sets a direction for you. This would not be done by merely planning or setting goals and it is not just a new year’s resolution list. It is done prayerfully and thoughtfully. It is done after you have prayed & discovered from God what should be done. It will guide you in the year. It will help you know what you can do and what you cannot do. It will help you discover God’s will in little things, you will know how to walk in God’s purpose in the new year.

 So your assignment is… 

Prayerfully and thoughtfully reflect over & write down a Review, Preview and Prayer points for the year 2017.

In the next post, I will suggest 5 categories that will guide you in your review and preview for this new year. From these, issues of prayer for the year ahead will begin to arise in your heart.

It’s time to reflect…


6 responses

  1. oladele olawumi | Reply

    This write up is great


    1. Thanks for your kind comment Olawumi . . . I hope you take it a step further to reflect on the post & attempt the assignment.
      God bless you.


  2. Aanuoluwapo Olagoke | Reply

    Thanks sir, we are expecting the next post.


    1. Thanks, it would be published in a few days.
      God bless you.


  3. […] begun to reflect on what last year held for us & what this year is likely going to hold. In the last post, we saw what review and preview are and also why a review of the past year and a preview of the new […]


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