The Professional Disciple (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, Damilola Bamiloye released a short movie titled “The professional actor” and we began in part 1 of this series to look at some of the lessons we can draw from the short 10mins clip. If you have not seen the clip yet here is it below again… I encourage you to watch it again even if you have watched it previously, it will help you again!

Hmm… That’s it again and the issues are now popping out. I’m sure by now, you’re seeing many more things in that little clip. Let’s look at a few others I have noticed with my friends…

4. Arguing with the Holy Spirit

May I never argue with you Lord, may I never in the corner of my heart, in the silence of my devotion argue with you over an issue my father sent you to deal with in my life. God could have corrected him on the set but He chose to send the Holy Spirit to speak to him at a corner, in secret, in your quiet time. That is not the time to argue with him, it is time to simply surrender and accept whatever he is demanding.

May I not be so full of myself that I argue with you. May I not be so adamant that I find it difficult to respond to you when you come to me, humble me, Lord; teach me and help me to remain humble in my walk with you. Was it not for love and a passion that I succeed in the role allotted me, that made the director send his counsellor my way? He had no plans to discard the actor if only he had followed the counsel of the Holy Spirit but instead he argued and insulted and finally grieved the Holy Spirit. Now, he could no longer work with him… The end, he was fired!

Painful but sadly the case of many Christians. What is it you’re arguing with God over? What is it the Holy Spirit has asked you to remove (like the suit) that doesn’t fit your role and you’re holding onto because you love it so much? Do not argue with your director. Don’t forget he is a professional writer too; he is a master planner, he knows what’s best for each one at every time, submit to his will, listen to the one he has sent and obey the Lord!

5. A ready replacement

Did you see this? How none of us is indispensable? Sometimes we do not take heed because we have looked around and figured in our mind “no one else can do this, it’s just me”. Baba always has a replacement, who has also been preparing. Did you notice that young man was the first to say those words at the beginning of that clip? He had also been preparing even though he never had his eyes on the role but God who knew all things had begun his own preparation as well.

Whenever a Vashti misbehaves, there is always an Esther already been prepared to take over the throne. Whenever a Saul misbehaves and grieves the Holy Spirit, there is a David already going through his own preparation in the fields, ready as a replacement. May I, Lord, keep this in my mind that it is only a privilege if I am permitted to touch God’s work. It is not because I am better than others, there are many others who are been prepared to do it and who are ready to follow the script and the director’s instructions. May the Lord help me.

6. The role of the Discipler

He was the one originally sent to call him for the set. He was insulted and sent away, he never took offence. Though ridiculed by the one he was sent to oversee his preparation and call for the set time, he didn’t get angry and insult back. He was still available to redirect him back and show him the way of receiving mercy!

That is the role of the discipler and elder. They are not only there to call forth God’s purpose for your life and bring you to the stage at the set time, they are also there to help you return to him if you miss it. They are the Modecais who would move their Esthers to apply for a contest and be there to challenge them to do the right thing when it matters. They are ready to pray and fast and support until you do the will of God. They are the Naomis who cannot give themselves rest until they seek rest for their Ruths and then they teach and show them how to behave to win God’s approval… It’s a humbling and yet a noble call!

His counsel was succinct, his role was simple. “Go and apologise, he never keeps grudges, he keeps second chances”. That is our role brothers and sisters whom the Lord has placed even if one life in our care… a constant & continuous labour to ensure they are in good standing with their director and God!

7. Repentance, Forgiveness and Restoration

Finally, our Lord is full of mercy! Truly he never keeps grudges, he forgives all those who truly repent. Have you missed it somewhere? Do you consider yourself having messed up, “we all have at one point”, did you hear that line? The problem is not the sin you have committed, the problem is that you have not repented of it. God will forgive and restore all those who come to him and repent genuinely. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all our unrighteousness” (1John 1:9), this is the God we are relating with. “Though your sins be as scarlet or red as crimson, they shall be made white as snow” (Isaiah 1:18)… He will not cast out all those who return to him no matter what they have done. Instead of running away from him, or sitting down in your sin, run to him, repent of your sins, he always forgives!

Jesus always forgives, if you can turn to him even today!

And then he restores as well! I was extremely glad that the director said, “I have a role for Him”. There is always a role even for the repentant. God not only forgives, he restores! He will heal you and make you again into a vessel. Even if you have been marred in his hand like that clay in the potter’s hand, He can make you again into something glorious if you will come to him. There was still a role for him, different from the former one but still useful in the crew!

Reflect and Pray

It’s time to reflect and pray again… Are you struggling or arguing with the Holy Spirit over a matter? Is there something God has asked you to do or lay down and it is proving difficult? Please ask him for help, humble yourself and let it go. Or have you out rightly fallen into sin, a mistake maybe and you’re wondering if it’s still worth it to go back to God or you’re not sure if he will forgive you? Don’t listen to that voice, anyone that repents receives mercy from the father! Go to God and he will forgive you, restore you and give you a role to play!

May the Lord bless you – as you reflect and pray once again!

I’m sure you have also seen many more things from that clip now. Share with me and my reading friends in the comments below so we can all benefit from it.

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3 responses

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  2. Nwanze Olaosebikan Olamide | Reply

    I just must comment that this short movie and write-up has humbled me, made me pray the right kind of prayers that profits only my soul. It’s all a priviledge. God bless the writer and team. Because Jesus will never fail, we shall not fail in our roles. Amen


    1. Hmm… The movie clip has affected me over and over again myself. Surely it has made me pray again and again and I’m grateful they made this particular one, amidst the several others.
      Yes, I say amen to your prayers… We shall not fail God in Jesus name.

      Thanks for dropping a comment here!


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