Who Are You Listening To?

My Experience

I had an experience with a friend some time ago that drove in a little more, a small lesson I had previously learnt. A friend of mine misplaced his purse which contains all his important cards and documents. From his bank cards to student cards, to his national ID card, everything was gone. And as a student, you can get almost nothing done without your national ID card. Too many operations and transactions are tied to your ID. In fact, my friend had already made an application that needed his ID to go pick it up. We were in an urgent crisis!

From time to time in our life, we would enter in ‘crisis‘ situations. We may write an exam that didn’t quite go well, a son or sibling may be sick in the hospital, a friend may have had an accident. We may be in situations where something urgent must be done to save the situation, otherwise, things may grow worse. But as expected, my friend was very strong. He managed it well. We tried to look for it, we made reports to the police station, I could sense a calmness around him despite his lost. But then he began to do what we all mostly do.

Josh began to talk to friends, wrong friends. He called this person and that person. He spoke to that one and the other and they said all sorts to him. They told him how difficult it is to get the documents back, they told him how in their case it took 3 months & some longer before they could get it, they told him how expensive it was and many other things. Soon, I saw fear rise in his heart. When we spoke now, I could sense the fear and anxiety. I could see him beginning to lose that calmness and rest he had previously – I knew he had been talking to the wrong people!

faithcomes_by hearing

Faith comes by hearing

Then I remembered that scripture in Romans that says… “Faith comes by hearing…” Apparently, whatever a man is hearing has a direct link with what grows in him. The one who continues to hear ‘wrong things’, will soon have FEAR and anxiety overtaking him. The one who listens to God’s word (the only authentic truth), will soon have FAITH overtaking him!

Faith comes by hearing… True faith comes by hearing God’s word! (Rom 10:17 Paraphrased)

Who do you listen to? Those who push fear into you or those who push faith into you? This is not about listening to those who only psyche you up and give you a false impression that all is well. I’m not talking about looking for those who will deceive you & tell you good, good things. Instead, I’m speaking about friends, other disciples like yourself who though may know the facts, they know their God much more and His word and can build up your faith in God’s word.

Be careful what you’re hearing

Who do you listen to in times of crisis? Those who sponsor fear or those who sponsor faith in your heart?

Beloved brother, don’t spend your time listening to what will sponsor fear, rather what will increase your faith in God and His word. Dear sister, watch those you talk to when in crisis. What you hear will determine what will be stored up in your heart, they will regurgitate in your quiet moments. Be careful who you’re listening to. Beware who is speaking to you and what they’re saying to you. Are they simply recounting the facts & reminding you of the negative scenarios? Or are they gracious enough to speak a word of encouragement from God’s word to you? Look at this scripture…

And He said to them, Be careful what you are hearing. The measure [of thought and study] you give [to the truth you hear] will be the measure [of virtue and knowledge] that comes back to you–and more [besides] will be given to you who hear. (Mark 4:24 AMP)

So beloved, study and give deep thought to God’s word. Acknowledge the facts but dwell on God’s word instead. What God has said is the truth in every situation. In hard & trying times, recall God’s word. In moments of sorrow & grief, hold on to God’s word. Surround yourself with godly friends. Speak to them, take the liberty to tell them what the facts are but hopefully, they will be able to encourage you by speaking God’s word to you, His word that has the capacity to bring peace and rest in difficult times.

May the Lord help us in Jesus name.

Who have you been listening to? What have they been sponsoring in your heart?


4 responses

  1. Olumayowa .A Akinbade | Reply

    How are you bro? Thanks be unto God for this platform and its effect. What we hear is actually part of what form our person. So this post is actually worthwhile. May God help us to take heed to what and who we listen to. Amen


    1. I’m doing very fine and I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to keep this on. Several of these issues have been a great challenge for me over and over again in my own pursuit of becoming like Jesus.

      Yes as you say, we eventually become what we hear and so we should not just avoid hearing the wrong things but take particular care to listen to, meditate on and behold the right things. For “as we behold him, we are transformed into his image from glory unto glory“, we become like Him.

      Thanks Mayowa for taking the time to read and also push the discussion further by your comment!


  2. What a hot topic for my life right now. I have been readily accepting negative thoughts which caused the anxiety that you mentioned.
    But thanks be to God who has shown me recently the abundant life He is…He is filled with good thoughts that cannot be numbered (Psalm 139:17-18). And so me too as I carry His life ought to be filled with an abundance of
    good thoughts…
    And God can’t run short of good thoughts and so I must not lack them. I have since
    experienced a refreshing and peace…one needs to be filled with the Word of God, believe it and meditate on it.


    1. Yes my sister, the word of God is the real source of truth and we must choose to rather believe it and meditate on it until it becomes our lives & shapes us!

      Thanks for commenting here again, Portraitess.


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