Two kinds of God’s Children

Consider with me this short story you may have heard of and we’ll discuss!

Father: Tom, there is some work I need you to do for me today on the farm. I need you to check on the workers, make sure they have done all I asked them to do and then pay them from the store.
Tom: No! Today is not a good day. If it were yesterday, I would surely have gone but not today. Besides, you didn’t tell me on time.

And because this assignment was critical, the father turned to his younger son Dave.

Father: Dave, there is some work I need you to do for me today on the farm. I need you to check on the workers, make sure they have done all I asked them to do and then pay them from the store.
Dave: Yes! Sure, I will go and do just that. You know I love you so much Dad and I always love to obey you.

Hmm . . . Which of these boys obeyed their father? What kind of a son would you rather have? Which of them would you rather have as a son?

The Father’s instructions

Before we begin to look at the children and their responses to their father, I thought it was good to briefly examine the Father and his likelihood of giving instructions. What father is it that never sends his children on assignments? What father is it that has nothing for his children to do? Even a wealthy father, who loves his children and gives them plenty of things also love to commit great assignments into the hands of their Sons. God, our Father, also gives instructions. He knows what to be done and he usually assigns tasks to his children to do.

Two Kinds of God’s Children

Yes, several of us as God’s children are either like Tom or like Dave, in our response to God and His instructions. In this post, we would consider these two kinds of children and then decide which kind we would love to be . . . or maybe decide to be none!

1. Meet Tom – No! I won’t go . . .
Some of us like Tom always have excuses for not obeying Dad. We know we should but then we give reasons why we can’t and then expect Dad to understand. Somehow, his instructions always ‘come at the wrong time‘. We have our lives planned up so much, we cannot accommodate Daddy’s instructions!

Think for a while… What was the last instruction you obeyed? When was the last time God asked you to do something and you didn’t have a reason for not doing it? Are you among those who always has a reason to dodge God’s instructions? Are you among those who say in their minds like Tom, “He’s always coming at the wrong time, to ask for ‘difficult’ things”? What’s your usual first response to God and His word?

Are you like Tom? Do you have your life so arranged and scheduled that even God cannot alter it? Do you complain and whine anytime God speaks to you?

2. Meet Dave – Yes! I go sir . . .
But then there is Dave! The good boy . . . Never says No. I like Dave because he has a good heart. He knows his father and longs to obey him always. He is not quick to give excuses to avoid Daddy’s instructions. He always says YES to Dad. Whether he eventually carries out that assignment or not, is a subject for another day, the important thing, for now, is that Dave has the heart to obey.

He knows the privilege of serving his father. He is quick to cancel his plans to obey God once he is sure of the instruction. Yes, quite a number of us are like Dave in every sense. We love God, we want to obey him and so our first response is YES Lord, I’ll Obey your word.

Are you like Dave? Are you willing and ready to obey the Lord even if He comes with a seemingly sudden request?

Are you a Tom or a Dave?

I want to think the Father is happy with Dave. Or which father won’t like a Son who always says Yes? Beloved, what is your response to God and His word today? What has been your response to God’s personal word to you, thus far? Are you a child who thinks God always gives impossible, difficult tasks? Are you one, who always seeks excuses not to do God’s will? Are you postponing your obedience till tomorrow or sometime else?


Friend, why don’t you repent today and obey God. God expects us to be willing to obey him. He seeks for children who will answer YES to His will and his way. Don’t give another excuse for not obeying, don’t dodge his instructions. Think back at the last instruction you received – in your quiet time, from your pastor or discipler, from that brother or sister, whichever way it came, let your response be YES Lord!

🎶 Yes Lord, I’ll Obey your word
Whatever you bid me, I will do
I will not fear, I will do your will
I’ll arise and obey your word! 🎶

Can you think of any previous instruction you have slacked in obeying? Would you like to go and obey it now?


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