Dinah took that walk too

In the last discussion, my friends, we spoke about those dangerous walks. We saw how they start, we saw their characteristics and we saw their usual end. Those walks outside God’s cover always ends in misery, calamity, destruction or even death. As I meditated more on not taking these dangerous walks I remembered young lady Dinah and the story of how she took that kind of walk too!

Who was Dinah?

Enter Lady Dinah!
It was a short, but unfortunate story told about her. One short chapter that began and concluded the only significant portion of an entire lifetime. One chapter that could easily be the description of the life of any young Christian too, that does not beware as she did not. But who was Dinah?

Gen. 34: 1 And Dinah the daughter of Leah, which she bore unto Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land.

Dinah was an only girl, sister to twelve brothers, born to the godly man Jacob, and daughter to Leah, the first and authentic wife. This girl had her roots and background quite right and particularly enviable. She was born well . . . precious, privileged, protected. She was raised well . . . instructed, guided and envisioned. Though in a polygamous setting, she must have been well loved and yes, well guarded too . . . maybe, even over-protected!

She was the typical picture of a Christian today. She was taught how to be different from the world and be distant from the things of the world. Her parents must have spent precious time telling her not to mix with or seek to be like the Canaanite girls around them, who were known for a loose and sinful way of life. She, just like you & I, already had a safe cover to hide under, a safe haven, to develop in, as long as she kept within the boundary of her father’s house.
She, just like you and I have been well provided for, with all her needs anticipated and already handled by father and mother and brothers . . . and so had need of nothing!

A strange desire!

Then this curiosity and strange desire began to arise . . .
“What’s it like outside there? Obviously more exciting than this boring lonely life”, she must have thought.
She began to feel deprived of pleasure and fun, she wanted to see for herself how the people of the land were. Though she never said this to anyone, she began to envy the Canaanite girls . . . the worldly ones.
“They must be having fun!” “How does it feel to be free?” “They seem to always have what they want”. She probably sat on the balcony of her father’s house or if it was today . . . . in front of the TV or inside the social media and watched the Canaanite girls, live their ‘free’, unbridled life . . . and they seemed to be just fine to her already lusting eyes!


She decided for that walk!

After months and maybe even years of this quiet desire, she decided to plan a walk. She decided to go out . . . with nowhere in particular in mind. She just wanted to see for herself what it felt like to be out, out there, in the world.
What does it feel like to dress the way they dressed . . . and flaunt your figure, like they do? What about going to places . . . exclusive and out of sight, like they go to do things behind Mum & Dad? What if I just have a few friends among them?
The Dinahs of today begin to plan and take that walk with the endless clicks and clicks on the internet & social sites like YouTube, just to get a view “What are these guys always checking here?” The Dinahs, boy or girl, begin the walk out, with the endless chats and dating with guys and girls they’ve never even met before!

Despite the godly home you’re from, something keeps telling you you’re missing if you don’t taste what these other boys are tasting. That film was clearly spelt out as a Romance Movie, the cover image helped you get enough proof for the likely wrong content of the movie, but you still went ahead, hoping it will not be too bad. You decided, against all the inner checks, to watch the film or read the book! And you have begun on that walk out!

She went out!

Yes, Dinah went out! Again, out of cover, out of protection, out of boundaries and out into freedom, out into fun, but what she didn’t know was that it was also outside of genuine love, out into dangerous arenas of the eyes of the men of the world! And out into the unsafe hands of the daughters of the land . . . who think nothing of “arranging” you into the hands of lustful, wicked men while professing to be your friend.

Oh Lord, please may I be satisfied to remain under cover. May I not desire any strange freedom or liberty. May I seek no independence that usually leads a man out . . . out of God’s purpose, out of God’s will, out of God’s covering, out of genuine and sincere love into the wickedness of the enemy, who seeks the slightest opportunity to defile & destroy the unsuspecting!

That single walk was the last of her!

Gen. 31.2  And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw her, he took her, and lay with her, and defiled her.

A young life with a promising future was cut short because of that single walk out of her father’s cover into the waiting hands of the Prince of the country! A precious daughter but naive enough to leave the boundaries of protection for an adventure. Oh . . . How I wish we will know that the enemy is not nice, the enemy is not gentle, he won’t say “oh it’s your first time, we’ll spare you”. No! It not the Devil’s nature to be nice or considerate. One time in his cruel hands and he will make it a permanent damage!

1Pe 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour:

He’s seeking every opportunity and he seizes the slightest chance he gets . . . That single night out, that one cup of wine, that little magazine you saw, those pictures you stumbled on, the discussion you engaged in, the careless visit, the little touch, good night kiss or romance . . . Just that single walk out into sin is all the enemy needs!

She was defiled!

That’s usually the end of such walks. Something always goes wrong. Permanently!
For young naive Abel, he was killed . . . and never was able to live his life for God. Adventurous Dinah was defiled . . . and she could neither marry again nor raise children. She most likely lived the rest of her life as a “teenage widow”. For lustful Samson, first he lost his freedom, then his eyes and finally his life . . . A shameful death with his enemies. And for smart head Judas, an unconquered love for money that took him out on a quiet walk, out in the night to meet with the Sanhedrin, cost him his place among the apostles!

Dinah was defiled and we heard nothing of her again. Shechem called it love but that love terminated God’s purpose over her life. It was unfortunate!

Lord, please don’t allow me take a walk out from you. Warn me and draw me when I’m beginning to go my own way. Don’t let my heart desire the freedom of the unbeliever. Save me from the attraction of the world. Help me respect your boundaries for my life and be content to be under cover.

Won’t you want to pray with me as well?


15 responses

  1. Curiosity kills the cat….So the saying goes. Indeed Dinah’s little excursion seems innocent afterall it can be termed as networking. This was the end of Dinah’s destiny. May the Lord help us to be wise as serpents and harmless as dove. Not all networks, works out well.


    1. Hmm… thanks Toyin for your comment and additional dimension!

      Many gatherings & outings we term ‘Networking’ could be the way out into that dangerous walk. And those of us professionals must be a little more careful here. We must allow God separate for us, opportunities & invitations (from people) that will lead to an open door that God himself has prepared for us FROM such opportunities that are alike, but are simply these kind of dangerous walk, out of cover into slaughter!

      Only the Lord can separate for us while we remain prayerful & watchful and we respond to his inner cautions from the Holy Spirit. May God help us indeed.

      Thanks again sis Toyin!


  2. Hmmnnn! What a “journey of no return” for naive Abel? What a “permanent damage” for adventurous Dinah? and most importantly, What a “timely warning” for the Young?

    Devil has not changed in his tactics, the same old dragon still operates the same way, devils mode of presentation might have changed, but all is still targeted to cause a permanent irrecoverable damage to those that subscribed to it.

    Just a walk, just a ride. Just a promotion night, just a click. Just a get-together, just a love feast. Just a ping, just a flash, just just just and just, the list is endless. For Abel, it was an invitation for a walk, for Dinah a strange desire. We must both watch and pray to escape devils strategies.

    This is my prayer, May the Lord help me always to take conscious effort to consult the Teacher Within each time invitation presents itself on my way, each time Satan comes in like a friend.

    When Strong Temptations Surrounds Me,
    And The World’s Tempest Face Me;
    And Satan Comes In Like A Friend,
    Pushing Strong For Me To Fall.

    Saviour please fail not to call me,
    as thou didst Adam in Eden,
    saying where hath thou oh sinner,
    that I may be saved from ruins.

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    1. Hmmm… My brother Sam, it is indeed a timely warning for us all. Especially in this day when we don’t really need to go look for temptation, it comes looking for us with only one mission statement “Steal, Kill & Destroy”. Yes, may the Lord make me each time to be sensitive, asking the teacher within me!

      Thanks Sam for stopping by and dropping a comment. May the Lord preserve us for His purpose in our lives IJN.


    1. Thank God sir! And thanks too for stopping by here.


    2. My challenge is Television when I’m home
      May the Lord help me on this.I can’t stay in the bedroom all the time and in the lounge where everyone is its where there is a tv.


      1. My sister, glad you can at least identify what the issue is. This is the first step and yes, the Lord will help you!


  3. Yeild not to temptation. God have mercy on us in Jesus name


    1. Amen and may we be always sensitive to the Holy Spirit & yield to Him when those temptations are extremely tempting!
      Thanks for your comment Mampiti


  4. We thank God for the Christians who still understand their position and worth before Christ in latter days, when everyone claims to be a Christian but hooks up with the world so much that we fail to see God in their lives!
    I’m grateful before God! keep this up; you will rescue many souls from bondages of the devil:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comments, Ntsoaki.
      You mention those who “claim to be Christians but . . . we fail to see God in their lives”. My continuous prayer is that I won’t myself only be a talker, but that those who really know & relate with me would actually see the life of Christ in me.

      The other essence of this, is to find beloved brothers & sisters, young people like myself who would also determine to live this way in a practical way!

      Thank God you are one.


  5. Thank God I Came This Way.
    I Was Only Searching For The Song/Hymn “When Strong Temptations Surround Me” When I Saw This Post. Very Helpful! But As I Was Reading All I Could Get Within Was How To Pass This On To My Fellowship Members.
    I Felt Why That, And Not First How To Make This Matter Something To Settle Within?
    … Seeking Permission To Actually Do This.
    Thanks And God Bless.


    1. I usually follow a simple rule of thumb – I share what has either become my life or what I am already seriously interacting with. So even though you can FREELY share, print, distribute this to friends and the entire fellowship, I recommend that you take your time to pray through the issues that are coming to you. When this happens, those you send/share the materials with, will return to you for counsel & the way forward; and you’ll be able to “comfort them with the same comfort with which you have received”. 

      Thanks for stopping by and making a comment!


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