Don’t Take That Walk . . .

Abel was an innocent, younger brother!

Pleasing God as much as possible was his desire, following God’s way was his quiet pursuit. Like every young forward-looking young man, he not only had great hopes and dreams for his future, he himself was the hope of his parents. He was indeed the good boy, quiet, loving and obedient to parents . . . unfortunately, his brother wasn’t.

Abel knew his brother was not right with God. He knew his desires were wayward and his behavior oftentimes ungodly. But still Cain was his brother, his friend, the closest one to whom he could relate with, in the family. Though he knew his crooked influence was pulling him away from God, yet he didn’t mind to walk with him everywhere. After all, the desire to be accepted by a friend is the strongest force ruling the young men and women of this age. Meanwhile, Abel’s naive mind constantly assured him . . . “nothing can ever go wrong, after all, he’s my brother. I can’t be going around suspecting my own brother!”. And Abel seemed to be getting along fine, despite his inner warnings, until the faithful day they took that walk together!

They had both just finished eating their lunch when Cain, the elder brother, made a curious request. A normal, casual and innocent request, it seemed; unfortunately, it was to be the last request that Abel would ever respond to.

Gen 4:8a “Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go for a walk.” CEV

Yes, I know Cain was a wicked man. I know he was completely the bad guy in this story. I know Cain had his own running internal plots. God had warned him about the motives of his heart and the fact that sin was waiting to attack him. He definitely was on the wrong. He was deceptive, he lied and led his innocent brother out, away from cover, into the field and killed him. Yes… Cain was the wicked murderer!

Yes, I know these. But then, I stopped for a while to consider young, naive Abel. If only someone had told him that that request was a deceptive one. If only he knew that that ‘walk’ was not casual. If only he realised that the seemingly innocent request to take a walk was going to end up as the ‘walk of no return’. But he never suspected, like many young Christians, he never guessed what was soon to befall him.

If we bring it home to our situation, Abel would be the youthful Christian that easily falls prey to his wicked brother or close friend. How does this happen? Why did he not suspect? How do such things happen to teenage Christians and youthful brothers?


Be careful, when the suggestion for a walk takes you out from cover into the field

This has sent me thinking and praying that I won’t fall a cheap prey to the Cains around me. But the signs are there. Be careful, when the suggestion for a walk takes you out from cover into the field. Let’s consider a few of these signs here . . .

1. It was from a brother!
This temptation was from a close person. Maybe a friend, maybe a colleague at work. Maybe a house/hostel mate or even a family member. But the strongest indication of a problem with this person is that he is either an outright unbeliever or a Christian with ungodly/worldly ways, even though he is very close. This kind of requests that comes from someone I know is not a child of God. No matter how close and no matter how gentle a child of the devil is, he is of the devil and he cannot really be trusted.

2. It was an invitation to go ‘out into the field’.
There are boundaries and limits that God and his Word has set for us as Christians. These boundaries are for our safety and for our growth and to go out of those boundaries is to become vulnerable and open for slaughter. Children of God, though free and have liberty, are only free within the confines of God’s boundaries. Any request or desire to leave those safe boundaries and go out, into the field, is a cheap way to fall prey to the enemy.

Sometimes, the request made to you is such that is out of our boundaries as Christians. This dangerous walk may look innocent but once it is a request to do evil, a request to trifle with sin, a request to indulge in a little compromise, that is a walk that has the potential to finish everything Christ about you.

Be careful, when the suggestion for a walk takes you out from cover, into the field!

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3. A seemingly innocent request – Just a walk!
May God help us to be sensitive to such casual requests. Is it really a wrong thing to follow a brother out on a walk? Does this seem dangerous? Should I not be able to trust a brother? After all it’s only a walk!

Many requests like this will look innocent. If you meet an unknown guy that invites you for a night party in a clubhouse, you’ll likely easily turn it down seeing the potential evil in it. But if your ex-boyfriend (the one you had while you were in sin, who is still an unbeliever) invites you for a birthday dinner in his house, would that seem dangerous? An ‘innocent’ invite by that female classmate or colleague of yours, could be a simple walk you’re about to take into the dungeon!

May the Lord grant us eyes that see! May we be, Yes as gentle as a dove but be wise as a serpent.

So when you see these signs, don’t go for that walk!

When you begin to suspect danger, you can’t be too careful. When your spirit questions a request, don’t ignore it. Don’t think you’ll be able to handle ‘Cain’ out there in the field. He’s much older and much more experienced than you are . . . don’t tempt him! Don’t walk into a conducive environment for sin and think you’ll be able to handle it. The bible’s counsel has always been ‘Keep away from everything that even looks like sin and evil’ (1 Thess 5:22). May the Lord keep us from temptation and deliver us from all evil IJN.

There is no young man or woman that will not be faced with these dangerous requests to go for that walk. If you haven’t already, you will be faced with one, sooner or later. It’s time to pray and prepare for it.

Now, have you ever had such an experience before? Or have you already become a casualty of that kind of dangerous request? Did you narrowly escape one before? What other pointers did you take note of? From your experience, how would you recognize such dangerous invitations or requests in the future? Please share with me and my reading friends.

God bless you.


3 responses

  1. Thank you so much for that post. Really, a subtle letting down of one’s guard can be very dangerous. Incidentally, about a week ago, I got talking with a brother and he was exclaiming about how much I don’t know the town we both live in. Then, he said, “Do you mind if I take you around lets say the special rock”. It looked like an harmless request. I was reluctant to say ‘no’. Perhaps due to how the discussion started. So, I just shrugged. Then he suggested that we go after the outreach to a village (taking place next week). Then, I shrugged again. But after I left the place, I was wondering if that didn’t look like a date kind of. I don’t believe in dating. I also told myself that a “maybe” answer is a mini-yes. So, I sent him a message.

    …Concerning the proposed outing…Well, if you meant it… seriously I don’t think it is right for me to go with you on a preplanned outing. I don’t mean to embarrass you in anyway. Its just right to do the right thing…

    Then he replied and sort of denied that he proposed an outing. He said he wasn’t really decisive on it and that it didn’t sound good to him too. But you know, I wondered how indecisive he was when he went further to suggest a time for the outing. I just said to myself “Girl, you had fallen into a trap before realising it”. Anyway, I have learnt long ago, that its better to turn to do the right thing even if the correction comes late.

    But when I read the post, I felt that the suggestion of a walk might not come from an outright sinner or one who you know categorically is not right with God. It could come from someone in your company. Worse still, we can’t see beyond our own hearts. Moreover, the other person could just be sincerely wrong. Perhaps due to ignorance or wrong beliefs. So, every request or suggestion should be “Holy Spirit – scrutinized”. Nothing should be taken for-granted, so that we don’t outside the covering of the shadow of the Almighty.


    1. Very practical experience Fehintola!
      Thank God for the Holy Spirit who always stands by to warn us when we’re on our way out on a dangerous walk. May we always listen to Him and obey Him at all times.

      It was a different dimension to see that these suggestions may even come from a ‘christian’ in church and so we must pass every request via the Holy Spirit and be sensitive to know.
      Thanks for your input Fehintola and may the Lord continue to keep & preserve you from every “Cain” around IJN.


  2. […] the last discussion, my friends, we spoke about those dangerous walks. We saw how they start, we saw their […]


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