Be Still and Know that I am God!

Yes He is God… I must BE STILL, then I will know He is God!

The problem is several times I am not still enough to know, I don’t wait enough, I am not sufficiently still to experience God as God. I am so quick to be afraid, I am quick to be anxious and so I try to calculate with my mind. I struggle to figure it out, I want to reason it out; I love to see physical expressions of what I sense in the Spirit…

Sometimes something in our Spirit seem to know God and what He can do but circumstances are good at betraying our Spirit. We look around and see what is happening, we look around and see and loose confidence in God, his word and his promises.

Then rather than being STILL, we are troubled, we are shaking, we are worried, we are anxious, we are not still enough.

Unfortunately, only those who are sufficiently Still can KNOW the Deity of God, only those who are still enough can know – can experience, can testify of, can see God as He is. Many want to experience God but only a few are ready to be Still.

Beloved, only be thou still and you will Know God as God. Rather than giving it up, simply be Still! You thought one way and it’s not working that way, be Still. You planned it well, it just didn’t work out, be Still. Many things are dragging and slow, be Still. If only you will be Still, you will know that He is God!

Hear God Speak…

My Children,
I am still God and I’m still in the business of being God to people and in people’s situations, but the reason you don’t see it as much in your own life is you’re not still enough! The problem I have with you is not your circumstance or situation, it’s not your body or that relationship, it’s not about the other person, it’s not the issues around you… The only problem I have with you guys my children, you are not sufficiently still!

It’s even more painful to me for some of you who begin to be Still. You start waiting, at the beginning you are still but then you’re not still enough. You don’t wait for me sufficiently. That grieves me more! You know many times, I was just on my way to showing up as God but then you gave up.

I was simply waiting for the best opportunity to show up. I like taking glory off my children and I was setting you up for utmost glory, but you cut it short!

Joy was welling up in heaven about the intending glory over your life. We were getting ready to celebrate with that case… We saw it ahead, we planned it that way. The delay was deliberate, the seeming confusion there, was very intentional. The refusal from those people was pre-planned by us, a set-up from us. And we were intending to show up at the most glorious point, just so the world would see that I AM GOD and I would be exalted!

Alas… You went your way, you didn’t wait. You charted your course, you broke it halfway. You took the shortcut and short-changed yourself. It was painful for us, very painful! You made it look like I am weak, yet I’m not. You made it look like I can’t be trusted, yet you were the one that didn’t wait enough, you were not sufficiently still!

So my Child…

Psa 46:10
Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. KJV
“Stand silent! Know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation in the world!” LB

Your Response!
What would your response be? How shall you answer before the Lord?

Lord, I will wait for you until I see you come for me! Help me Lord…

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