Absolute Trust in the Father

Sometime last year, I had an experience that sent a silent message to me. A father walked into his sleeping son’s room with a bowl of cereal one morning and woke his boy up to eat. In about 5 seconds, the boy was up and the first spoon was in his mouth!

I could not hold my thoughts and comments and said “Ah…you just woke up and opened your mouth, you don’t even know what they’re giving you to eat”. The father just laughed…and I had a response in my heart as if the boy said:

“Hey, don’t you realise it was my father? Once it’s my father there’s no problem”!

This sent me thinking how much a small boy trusts his father and would just open his mouth and take whatever the father brings, without considerations nor asking questions. Then I remembered that no correct child smells food brought to him by his father. No correct child suspects his father. Every Child relaxes once he is in the company of his father. Children are not bothered about the colour, size or shape of the container or the food, they just believe once Daddy gives me, it must be good for me!

How true this should be of us as disciples with God, our Father!

Should I keep suspecting my father as though He will do me harm? Why do I keep certain areas of my life from him? Isn’t it a silent doubt if He truly knows what’s best for me! Why am I afraid to find his will over an issue or to do it when I discover it? Sometimes I’m so scared his will may be too ‘outdated’ and ‘not considerate’ of my present state and need; we keep doing this as if God is unaware of the times that we are!

That morning as I sat and watched the entire scenario, as the boy opened his mouth in and out of sleep until the bowl was empty, I couldn’t help but send prayers to heaven for my life “Lord, increase my faith in you! Let me trust you absolutely and practically like this”. Don’t let me suspect you when you lay your counsel before me. Help me follow you, even if I can’t see why. Help me open up and release every aspect of my life to you in simple faith that says “If He’s my father, then He knows what’s best for me”. Then the Lord began to help me at this point…

“But why shouldn’t you trust me? Have you ever read that I did evil to any man? Did anyone ever accuse me of wasting his/her life and future? Point at any of those who genuinely gave their all to me, and afterwards became a nonentity or second class, even in this world? Did you forget I said…

“I made all the delicate, inner parts of your body and knit them together in your mother’s womb.” (Psa 139:13 paraphrased)
“I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.” (Jer 29:11 MSG)
“What God has planned for people who love him is more than eyes have seen or ears have heard. It has never even entered our minds!” (1Cor 2:9 CEV)

Jesus whispers to you and says, Please trust me and hand over your entire life to me. Wouldn’t you release that part that is left? Why are you so afraid of letting me handle it? Are you thinking I have a boring alternative? Don’t you know what you’re holding is infinitesimaly small, compared to what I have planned out for you? Unfortunately, holding unto this denies you what glorious things I have arranged for you!


Trust God… Release All!

Beloved, stop holding tightly to that career, stop clinging to that relationship, release that anxiety of the future, let go the hurts and pains and allow God bring to pass what He alone can actually do. Believe Him, He’s capable and willing to make out of your life something great beyond your wildest imaginations.

Beloved, Release it… God bless you.


One response

  1. Thank you for this excerpt, I am simply going to share it with my friends and as many as I can. I just wish to make some contributions I hope we find useful.

    The beginning of self-doom is thinking and preferring our rationality to God’s infinite and incomparable wisdom in our lives (this is mostly the case with learned, a little-bit well to do people or perhaps even the rich, those who have stayed long and risen through the ranks in the church).
    The second category of people are those who have fears about God’s reservations on particular issues.

    May the Lord help us to have an ever increasing faith and ‘absolute trust’ in Him in all matters no matter how trivial, it may seem.

    God bless us all.


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