Why Am I Here ? The Matter of Purpose in NYSC

The matter of purpose and direction is not an issue restricted to the NYSC period alone. I remember when the time came to finish my NYSC and proceed with life, I still had to return to this junction. I have since asked this question and it’s shades like “What next?”, “What am I to do now?” several times and at different junctions of my life. As much as I don’t plan to be religious about this, I found in my own practical experience so far that at such junctions, there is only one person that can answer that question for me – God, my father! Notwithstanding, I will attempt to be as practical as possible, humbly sharing with you what it looked like for me that year.

Acts 9:6 And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what will you have me to do?
Psa 40:7  “Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me,
8  I delight to do your will, O my God: yea, your law is within my heart”.

Immediately after Saul’s conversion, he asked this same question from the Lord and God answered him. This is the question we must constantly ask from the Lord, every step of the way. Even Jesus wasn’t just going about doing whatever seem good, logical or interesting to him; He had discovered a book that had been written concerning him and decided to follow what was written in that book – God’s will for him.

The Drama Script
It’s like been invited/called to act a character in a drama. You will be given a script that contains how you should behave, what you should say and do at every point. For the drama to be successful, every actor must behave according to what has been written in the script as directed by the drama director. It is therefore the responsibility of every actor to study the script well and play their role as stipulated. When you don’t know what to say or how to behave what do you do? Go back to your script or better still ask the director!

The Will of God
So also we have been called to live our lives according to the will of God, that which has been written in the volume of books concerning us. For our lives to turn out well, successful and fulfilling, we must discover the script of our lives, study it properly, have it interpreted by the Holy Spirit (the director) and accurately live it out in our day to day living. It is not wise just to do what looks good or wise or just fun to you, there is something in particular per time that we must do, that will make our lives turn out well. This we must deliberately discover at every junction of life and pursue.

So what happens at crossroads? Go back to the script written of you or better still ask the Holy Spirit per time!

For me at NYSC
I remember I spent some time (days) trying to find out what had been written about me for that one year. Then I discovered my students were a priority. I saw the Lord point at the students in my school as my primary reason for being there. I was eventually to spend my time, resources and my entire life on them for that one year. I couldn’t jump at every weekend to travel away, I couldn’t sleep carelessly away for hours, it informed all I did in that year in the school. Not that I didn’t go to church or was involved, not that I wasn’t involved at NCCF level, or even at the local government level but my main focus were my students. I taught them physics, I organised extra classes for them and paid school fees for a few that really needed it. I prayed for and with them, I talked with them showing them a future and shared the Bible with them. I was involved with a few extra-curricula activities as well. It was majorly my students throughout the one year!

So You… Why are you there?
Have you discovered why you’re there? Beloved, locate your script and study it and live it out in the next one year. What’s your focus? Is it to focus on your students? Will the Lord be laying on your heart to invest in those students? Teaching them, witnessing to their young receptive hearts, praying for them, and even adopting them financially? For some, the Lord will open opportunity in a local church and demand a strange commitment there. You may see the Lord requesting for a gift or talent or skill you learnt or developed while in school, to be used freely in that local church. Is it music, drama, technical, your ability to structure things etc. For others, the Lord will be demanding of you a labor among fellow corps members, either at school, local government or at NCCF level. You may see yourself carry a campaign among your fellows, witnessing to them and even developing them. Still, I have seen some come with a strong passion for the local villagers. They went in among the local people witnessing, giving and helping in their homes and farms.

Making a Success and attaining full Satisfaction during this year, lie in your ability to discover this script in prayers, study it, seek for interpretation from the Holy Spirit and commit to doing it throughout the year. This culminates to living a life of Purpose!

May the Lord speak to you clearly as you seek His face for this critical year IJN.
How did this year go for you? Are you having any challenges as regards the issue of purpose in NYSC? Share with us in the comment section.


4 responses

  1. The writer’s comment on the question of purpose not limited to the youthfulness is indeed quite true.
    For every stage of one’s living, the question why and what for are bound to come up time and again even as one grow older.
    If not adequately answered one life and daily living becomes tied down to the ” rat race”,a waste of time, chance, resources and ultimately life itself.


    1. I so much agree with you sir! May I not be caught up in life’s rat race… It’s futile! Thanks for adding your thoughts.


  2. well done sir,you did spoke to my heart,and this words are a confirmation to those things God have raised. I want to ask how you can manage distractions that tend to shift you away from God’s will,like been persuaded to be involved in too much nccf activities when you are suppose to be concentrating on your students. thanks sir,will be expecting your reply


    1. Temitope, just the same way you avoided distractions all through your 4-5 years in school and focused on your studies to graduate! I learnt to say NO to distractions. Distractions are simply an invitation, trust God to say NO and face why you are there. Saying no is a little more difficult if the ‘distraction is seemingly genuine’ like NCCF.
      First, be sure of your focus, then politely and humbly say NO to others IN EXCESS. This does not mean you won’t be involved at all, I attended the bible studies and joined in a few of the rugged but I learnt to gently withdraw from other activities, especially if it was in jeopardy to why I felt I was in that land!
      I hope I tried to answer you… Thanks for asking!


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