Settling into the Service Year

I’m so grateful the Lord has permitted us to write again on a few issues as regards the NYSC service year. As this is a very focused series for brethren in Nigeria going through (or preparing to go through) the National Youth Service Corps, I’m going to like I did previously keep them all in the NYSC category so you can locate it quickly. Last year, we dealt with several issues of preparing for that year – spiritual preparation, academic preparation, physical preparation and the issue of posting (You may want to read them first, if you’re at the preparation stage).

This is a second series on this subject, and it will handle such issues during your service year as settling into the service year, surviving the service year and serving in the service year.

Once you leave camp, take a little refreshing break at home and return to your PPA (Place of Primary Assignment), it will be time to face the remaining about 9 months! I remember as I returned after that break and went into my room, I sighed heavily with the words “Now Lord, I’m here…”.

The much anticipated service year has arrived and it’s time to continue your life. It’s time to do what they sent you there to do, you must settle down quickly and face why you’re there.

This time is a practical year for you, it’s the first exposure to adulthood (for several). Except circumstances forced an early adulthood on you, this will be the first time you’ll be living alone, far away from family, friends, brethren, known faces. For many it will be the first time you’ll be collecting a regular ‘salary’ or as we call it ‘Alawee’ (from allowance). The truth is there is this freedom you have not experienced before now that suddenly arrives at your disposal as you walk into the year.

As I walked into my room that day, two things suddenly dawned on me about the year…
1. I have an opportunity to have a controlled taste of what the future looks like
2. I have a blank cheque (the whole year) in my hands, I can write on it what I want to be remembered for!

1. Controlled taste of the future
Actually the future begins from this year but it is controlled for you. Controlled because the government has already put down a structure that will guide your operation in the next 9 months. They have given you a job, have already decided to pay you some allowance, they have given you some level of reasonable routine that sort of controls the freedom, the uniform is another control element… the year is actually controlled! So this is your final chance to learn a few things if you’ve missed it earlier. How do I manage my money? How do I take care of my body and my environment? Is it to cook or eat out? How do I relate with the opposite sex? How do I build and maintain useful relationships and friendships? How do I balance work with other activities I’m interested and engaged in? How do I survive as a Christian worker in the midst of unbelievers? How do I cultivate the presence of God and carry Him around into my daily seemingly natural activities? How do I trust God for my daily need and resources? How do I live by faith and live by God’s word for guidance? This year is a good opportunity to experience, learn and have that controlled taste of what it’s going to look like thereafter…

2. Write your own also
Esther 8:8 “Write you also for the Jews, as it pleases you, in the king’s name, and seal it with the king’s ring…”

You remember this story and what happened, don’t you? Haman had written a decree to destroy the Jews and the king had sealed it. Haman had been killed but the decree was still valid until another decree is written to erase the effect of the previous decree. So the king said to Esther, “Write your own as well”.

Several have been to that environment and have done many things. They have either been good or terrible, they have written in the sands of that community their own lifestyle. Now, the Lord is saying, “I am giving you an opportunity to write your own story here”. When you would have gone, what story would be told about you? When you want to tell your own story, what would you like to be saying about this year? What legacy would you like to leave behind attached to your name?

Brother, it’s an opportunity to write your own story now.
Sister, write your story as it pleases you!

May the Lord grant understanding! Can you relate with this? Did you have experiences in this light? Share with us what other understanding came to you as you settled into your year?


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