Welcome to 2015!

I’m sure everyone around the world, regardless of your location has finally entered into the new year! It’s amazing how some entered the new year almost 20 hours after others… God is indeed great. Finally, we’re all here in this new year 2015, full of great promises for all who will follow Jesus. We are grateful to God for bringing us over, we do not take it for granted, thank you Jesus.

Now it is safe to greet everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!

I know that we must have all heard “2015, a year of…”  quite a lot since the cross-over vigil until now from different denominations and pastors. The Lord may even have spoken to you as well as an individual about what this year holds for you. Keep all these promises at heart, make them personal, believe them and pray them in, discover the conditions for their fulfilment and do it and expect to see all God says, come to pass this year!

Permit me to add one more scriptural promise to your archive of God’s word for this year…
Isaiah 3:10 “Say you to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their deeds”.


In 2015, It Shall be well with Me!

All4krist in 2014: A quick review
Last year, the Lord was gracious to show us His Mercy as we journeyed together learning and becoming like Jesus. We thank God for the issues He raised, the comments and responses from people and the help the Lord is granting us. Below are a few of the posts from last year…
1. Nigerian Youth Serving Christ (NYSC, Introductory series of 6 posts)
One of the first burdens for starting this blog was for my brethren in Nigeria undergoing (or planning to undergo) the NYSC period and we wrote quite a few practical posts on the different aspects of the necessary preparation for that year. (Read more)
2. The Matter of Anger and Offences (A series of 4 posts)
Anger is a plague that eats up every spirituality with God and relationship with men you have. Whereas, several have simply accepted it as normal, others have learnt to manage living with it; yet God has made a provision for our deliverance from it. (Read more)
3. When the road is Dark…
A sister of mine sent me a video by Farris Long of a vivid illustration of how to behave when we enter into dark moments in our lives. At such times we must Take off the limitations and Keep praying! (Read more)
4. The Value of Elders…
Elders and especially Godly ones are a major provision by God for our growth and maturing. To ignore them or resist them is to accept to struggle through life, falling and failing and only learning by your own mistakes. Rather, walk with the wise and you’ll be wise! (Read more)
5. An Armor of Godly Virtues (A series)
Towards the end of last year, we began to consider what our responsibility must be after giving our lives to Christ. We began the series and we’ll continue this year BGG. (Read more)

All4krist in 2015: The take-off!
This year, the Lord has permitted us to continue this blog with the same focus on raising practical discussions and instructions for young people that are longing to be Christ’s disciples or grow as one. So like we began last year, we would trust the Lord to bring to us practical issues that we encounter in our day to day life as we pursue a total conformity to Jesus. We would seek help from the Bible in dealing with those issues, and only plead with God to press it into our lives.

It will not be wrong to say that we hope for great things in the lives of every reader this year. Whereas the number of readers is gradually increasing, our main prayer is a practical life transformation, growth and stability for us all. We are holding God’s hand again that this will not just be ‘another blog’ but a tool for God to reach genuine young disciples everywhere.

We are praying that even as a young optimistic person with great dreams, you will come to see and agree that God’s way, will and principles are not just RIGHT, they’re sincerely BETTER!

The Lord has permitted us to raise again a few more issues on the subject of NYSC and we would take off this year with that. By God’s grace, we would also continue on the issues of Godly Virtues we began last year and proceed as the Lord leads.

We trust the Lord to lead us as we progress in this year. I encourage you to prayerfully come along with us this year, in reading, meditation and prayers. Subscribe by mail to have new posts sent directly into your email, make comments on posts that relate to you, share with your friends via your social networks or e-mail and invite your friends to be blessed as well.

Happy New Year once again and remember, It shall be well with you this year IJN!


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