When the road is dark…Keep Praying!

There is one period I wish I don’t experience often, I’ve experienced it a few times as I grew up and particularly as I decided never to take any decision in my life until I discover God’s perfect will for me. It’s DARK unclear periods…

It’s that period of time, you seem to loose a sense of leading and suddenly enter into a dark night.

You were following God and His direction, it seemed so real, you were excited about it, you even talked about it to a few brothers and godly friends…then all of a sudden, it all fizzles out of your very sight. It becomes vague, you become confused and unsure, it suddenly turns dark!

Maybe because of something you thought would happen that never happened, maybe other attractions or considerations began to surface…whatever it is, you just are not sure anymore! In fact, you don’t even know how to go from here… you want to hear God, but He seems far away. Not that there are no options on ground, but you are determined to do only God’s will. Several things are appealing to you and all are innocent and right but all is not the will of God for this time and that will of God now seems far fetched!

Sometime ago, my younger sister sent me a video that really blessed me. Coincidentally, as I prayed for a brother of mine at this kind of a junction, I had felt God wanted me to write about this theme and I had drafted the topic down the previous night with the intention to develop it later. Whereas I don’t know Farris Long personally (the brother who made the video), I suspect he must be my brother and he confirmed what was in my heart and gave expression to this post. I therefore decided to share his video here.

He in the video shared two great insights to help at this kind of a junction!
1. Take off the limitation
2. Keep Praying!

Hmmm….at dark times, just keep praying and waiting. Prayer is a sign that I can’t do it on my own, I don’t want to go on without you, I will wait for you until you show up. “The problem with most Christians is that we stop praying too soon” he said…did you hear that? And as I watched the video, he himself at a point either became somewhat ‘impatient’ at the slow rate (and checked his water level to increase it) or decided he wanted more pressure and so he opened the tap the more. Guess what, at whatever level the water is being injected into the bottle, it’s only a matter of time, it will be clear.

Ohhhh I kept hearing in my spirit and my heart jumped for life…its only a matter of time; if I don’t stop praying and I keep praying and praying and sincerely praying and praying….then very soon, what was dark, will become clear again! Even if I can’t pray like the great intercessors, I only need to know how to sincerely talk to my father, He’ll respond to it.

There’s nothing else to do, just take off the limitation (I’ll talk about that in my next post) and keep praying…what was previously dark, unclear and confusing, will suddenly become clear and bright again!


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