Disciples…Lead the way in DOING not TALKING!

I grew in a Christian home with ministering parents and you can understand with me the kind of knowledge I seem to have. From several preachings ‘home and abroad’, to series of bible studies and family alters and counseling times…I knew what many things were and how they should be, though didn’t know Why they were the way they were. So, I naturally grew up a talking boy, I could talk about almost every christian topic including those I was then far from experiencing like marriage (lol). But guess what I discovered? The unbelievers were never afraid of my talk! No matter how much I spoke, they seem to say “We have heard several of you say that before, but joined us when it was convenient”.

An Experience…
That seemed to be my experience in that same school I talked about in the last post. One reason why the teachers were not committed to teach was the fact that during their final exams, the school principal would usually hire expert subject teachers to help teach the students and because they felt I was very good at the physics I was teaching, I was number one on the list of physics teachers to ‘handle’ the subject! Of course, immediately I got to know, I began to openly declare that I was a Christian and would not be a part of cheating in any form. I promised to do my work (and I did), teach the students well, organise extra classes even during the holidays, cover the syllabus as much as I could and leave them to prove my efforts in the exams!

My Surprise…
I thought since I had said it, they should have believed me and known I was different but I discovered they did not believe me. They only saw me as one of the other teachers who have taught previously and spoke the same way only to do something different when the pay was announced. They were not convinced with my speaking, nor afraid because I spoke…I think it only sounded like a threat to them, I would bulge when the pay becomes juicy, they must have thought to themselves! Unfortunately for them, I was helped by the Lord. They had met a Christian set to lead the way to do right, not just by talking about it but also by Doing it, even if the cash rewards were high!

My Perception…
I think we have too many talking Christians and very few Doing Christians. We have Christians who know what to do but doesn’t end up doing it. Christians know it is not good to give or take bribe, but when the financial rewards seem much, we can’t do! Christians talk about patience and gentleness but are very quick to say ‘that doesn’t mean I am stupid’ when they should actually have displayed that practically. So what kind of a Christian are you? Talking or Doing? Are you quick to talk but slow to do when the time comes? Are you doing what you know is right or you silently make excuse for not doing them?

Beloved, decide to do the right that you know. Don’t worry about the ones you don’t know, just live right the ones you’re clear about!

Dear Disciple, DO and not merely TALK!

The rewards go to those who are not merely hearers & talkers but those who are DOERS of God’s word! Be the first to break the jinks or separation, be the first to greet the other person who stopped greeting you, be the one to be patient when taken for granted, be the one to smile when insulted, be the first to give without a promise of a return, be the first to share your faith and convictions…Beloved, take the Lead in doing the right thing!


6 responses

  1. Thank God I’m free. The financial reward is devil’s property, and he’ll collect it back when he feel like doing so. I have an experience to share: after my secondary school exams, few of my teachers took notice of me that I perform better than most of my colleague and because of that believe that It will do them well if I can serve as an aid for malpractice… hmm they succeeded. God decided to have mercy on me on this faithful day:: we are in a school about six of us waiting for question when were told that the external invigilator is almost at the gate, fear gripped my heart immediately. They packed all of us into a car so that we can leave the vicinity of the exam. you can’t just imagine the way the driver drove the car, it was a reckless one, we almost have an accident, and right inside the car I told God I’ll never do such thing again in my life. his mercy saved me. the funniest thing is that what I bought with the money given to me got stollen in a taxi.
    Consider the example in the second paragraph of the main post, let the little light of Christ shine through you. it will be ok if our own vission is like that of JESUS: AS LONG AS I AM IN THE WORLD, I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WOLRD. MATT 9:5. May God make us doers indeed for doers are disciples.


    1. Thanks Sam for sharing your experience…Thank God for sparing your life and that experience led to your commitment. I particularly love your concluding line…
      “Doers are Disciples”! (Hmm…food for thought)


  2. Hmmnnn..we r called to shine rather than shout…let ur light so shine before men(visibly)….
    Nice job daniel


    1. Very true Temi, SHINE not SHOUT, and that Visibly! Thanks for your insight…


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