Samson: He played games with God!

Reading through the book of Judges 13-16 and seeing Samson, my sincere heart cry is

“May I not be like this, a man who wasted the grace of God over His life!”

A nazarite from birth, a man of great covenant with God, a man with a goodly heritage… (13:5) A man destined to deliver God’s children from the hands of the enemy but who was captured by the enemy. A man who played games with God, a man who took for granted God’s consistent mercy and pulled hard on that rope of mercy until it snapped!

He played riddles with something he should have been sober about, he lured his parents to believing he was fine but did not tell them the source of the sweetness… (14:5-9; 12-14) He played around ladies and they destroyed him completely. A man who could literally leave the top of a girl and still minister, performing a miracle… (16:3) He thought he was getting away with it!

He lost his natural reasoning, she plainly told him they wanted to capture him and was looking for the secret of his strength and he released it to them… (16:6-16) What kind of a man was this, who though had a great destiny ahead, played games with it and lost it all. But for God’s mercy again who avenged him the final time (16:28-30) but his life was cut short, and he made a mockery of God’s choice of his life!

Oh May I not be like Samson, I have an inheritance in God, may I not waste God’s investments and choice of my life. I have a heritage of godly parents, may I not harass them into my will and desire. Oh may I not take your grace for granted, oh may I not despise your consistent mercy on my life  May I not play games with you my Lord!

This I pray!


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