Spiritual Preparation (02)

Hey bro…welcome to the 2nd post of the series! Oh sorry, before the sisters fight me…you too welcome!

In the previous post “Preparing to serve my nation“, we discussed about the necessary understanding and Commitments needed for the next phase of your life. I emphasised the fact that it is a year both to learn and to serve or to put it well, a year to learn to serve. You must prayerfully commit yourself to following still and following through. Meanwhile, God gave us a promise…If you trust in Him and commit your way to Him, you shall dwell in the land and truely be fed there. Say Amen somebody!

The second issue for preparation (which I believe is important) is the matter of Spiritual Preparation.
I will quickly point at three aspects here!
First, this is the time to pray a little more deliberately for your service year…prayer issues can include the following among others:
a. State of posting, place of primary assignment (school or office).
b. Pray for favour with your Oga at work and other fellow staff members (including other corpers)
c. Pray for physical health and strength, (no sickness, unnecessary tiredness, body reactions etc)
d. Pray for conducive environment like water, light, good toilet facility, network, godly friends etc.
Let me be frank with you, there is no guarantee on the 4th prayer issue. You may meet none or some or if you’re fortunate, all of them. I think God decides which of them is really necessary for your survival and training and allocates it to you. For me I met no light, no good water, no toilet but good network! Don’t ask me how I survived…

Secondly, if you have been involved with any kind of labour and ministering while in school especially in your final year, this is the time to tie up your work. All you have done, as an exco member, in your local unit or group in the fellowship, personal work done may be lost if you don’t tie it up well. Tying up is as important as starting up in the first place; finishing and finishing well without any debts nor carryovers is critical because you may never have an opportunity there again once you go to serve. Hand over friends, disciples and lives you were watching over (if you have any), set them growing on as much as you can, put finishing touches to all your labours either at fellowship level or on a personal note as God helped you.

Finally, you may suddenly discover that you have some time, some space of months between the time you finish from school (Exams, project defence, clearance) and the actual date of your NYSC camp. You must anticipate this depending on precedence of your school calendar and prayerfully prepare for it. Please note that, that period if not properly planned for can be wasted. So what do you do? Ask the Holy Spirit to engage you in that time! He promised to lead you in the right paths…remember?
Below are a few suggestions (not exhaustive)
a. You could help your parents at home (Work, business, house keeping, shop etc)
b. Locate a secondary school around and offer to teach them (a brother friend of mine did that without pay)
c. Learn or develop a skill (Short course, tailoring, photography, computer software, electronics etc)
d. Take up a job for the purpose of raising funds for family
e. Engage in practical discipleship with your discipler

For me, I began with some time learning basics of electronics from a classmate… funny isn’t it? Yes…and then later engaged with practical learning and growing with my discipler. Simply pray and find out what God wants you to do. He knows the experiences you had in school, where you presently are now, what you will encounter while serving and in your future generally and so seeks to prepare you for it. Ask for grace to stick to the plan to the end; sometimes even after discovering, distractions will come so you must be determined and seek grace to stick to the agreed plan between Yourself and God.

Please share with us…what happened in your own case? What did you ask for and what did you get? How did you engage your time before camp? What did you do that I have left out? The next post “Academic Preparation” will discuss issues relating to clearance and mobilization for NYSC. Several have taken things for granted and have paid for it!

See you then!


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