Academic Preparation (03)

A lecturer told the story of a student who had an outstanding course in her 200L in school. She searched for the course, couldn’t sort it out and she left it unsorted! She never spoke to anyone about it nor did anything about it until mobilization names were pasted and her name wasn’t there! What do you think went wrong with her? Alright…what should she have done?

past-papers_306x2851I will be sharing some tips on academic preparation towards service, so you don’t end up like the student the lecturer spoke about.
1. Deal with outstandings immediately: If for any reason you have an F in any course while in school, sort it out and rewrite it the next available time. A friend of mine decided to push his 100L carryover until 500L…claiming it will be easier then. Please don’t do that, you don’t know what may happen between now and then. This may be late for some people already but in case you’re still in school, take note of this. Unfortunately, my friend had an extra semester!
2. Pursue final clearance early: Different schools usually have different clearance procedures and processes. Be familiar with that of your school and go through it. Don’t be in a hurry to go home, start the clearance process on time and finish it if possible before you travel home. I know you may already be tired of staying in school (for the past 4-5 years) and your family may be calling already as well but a few more weeks to sort out last issues is not harmful. Sometimes this process takes days and weeks, ask for the right procedure and do it yourself. Don’t pay someone to do it for you, you may be required to sign in some quarters, present some receipts, and in turn keep others. Please do those things by yourself.
3. Keep all documents properly: Get a clear bag or folder or envelope and Keep EVERY document, paper, slip and card given to you everywhere, no matter how big or how small they may be. Some may even seem insignificant, just keep it…to avoid later embarrassment and disappointments. In my school, I had to go to the library, bursary, health centre, department and faculty, sports, student affairs for different aspects of the clearance process.

Let me use this opportunity to advice in case you are reading this and you have not graduated yet, please keep all registration documents, receipts, slips, cards and everything you got anywhere and everywhere since you went in to the school up until you graduate. File original copies and make photocopies of all results, tuition fee receipts, library and school cards, departmental and faculty due receipts and I mean everything ridiculous you were given anywhere.

Let me add a word for those who discover they have academic problems that may hinder them from going to serve immediately. First, seek for help. Don’t ignore it and think it will automatically correct itself, you probably need to do something about it. There are always christian lecturers on every campus and I believe you should have been relating with some of them (and even if you haven’t been relating with them), approach them and state your case, they may be able to help you sort it out. They may need to speak to someone on your behalf, give you a note to some Dean somewhere or teach you how to correct it. If eventually it leads to an extra semester or year, don’t be discouraged, make up your mind to pursue it and do it immediately so you don’t grow old in school!

Again I will continue in the next post on another important but skeptical topic. In the next post, I will be talking about “Issues Regarding Posting” and will be sharing some practical tips on how I believe God sees the NYSC, God’s promise to us, how I would have affected my posting and how to handle it with our loving and responsible parents. Let me again call on brothers and sisters to please share their experiences in this area of academic preparation needed before going to serve.

God bless you.




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