Nigerian Youth Serving Christ! (NYSC)

Is that what the federal government actually established in our beloved country? I think this is what God actually had in mind…and the Nigerian Christian Corper’s Fellowship (NCCF) have properly renamed and captured the one year compulsory service as a time for Christian Youths to Serve Christ as He leads them to serve their nation! If you have not yet gone to serve, it’s a one year lifetime experience that you will probably have been looking forward to especially those who already are either in their final year or even already graduated. And those who have already ‘gone to serve’, can testify to both the fun and the excitement in serving the nation and serving Christ, as the government did post them to serve Nigeria!

I want to begin in the next few months a series on the NYSC period. As I look at my own time between December 2011 when I graduated and last year in July when I finished, I quickly saw some help God gave me before, during and after my time serving Nigeria. Now, I look around and see some of my beloved brothers and sisters presently at this stage and I felt I could share with you some of the tips I learnt and several other brethren learnt also, when we took the journey to serve Nigeria! I have created a new category for this series so you can easily trace them, which I named “NYSC” as I feel there may be several issues been raised on this subject beginning with preparations for the time, Conducts during your stay and preparing for afterwards!

In this series, I will begin with some of the preparations I did towards the year. I will talk about Mind and concept preparation, Spiritual preparation, Academic preparation, Issues relating to your posting, and physical Preparations. And as God helps, I will talk about practical issues like Serving in the executive, community development service (CDS), relationship issues, money issues, issues regarding pressure and other issues that may raise as we discuss along. I trust that you will not only enjoy it but find it very useful in your journey as you proceed to serve your nation.

Let me quickly say that though my brethren who just graduated from different schools and are awaiting service may particularly find this very helpful and relevant now, I want to encourage those who are still in school, particularly those in their penultimate (second to the last) and final year to also enjoy and follow through. They will serve as foundation for you. I will even be sharing a few tips that you can start preparing about from now. I also want to encourage our brothers and sisters, ‘elders’ let me call them, who have already gone to serve, maybe recently and would be gracious to share their experiences in line with our discussions. Please feel very free to share with us what you went through, challenges you faced, how you went through it, how you survived, how God helped you and the likes.

I encourage all to follow through, share your practical stories, ask your questions if you already have and we’ll have a nice time together. Let me encourage you to find on the left bar of the page, a place to “FOLLOW” by filling your email address for an email notification of new posts, so you don’t miss out on any. Let me also encourage and permit you to send the address to your friends and christian colleagues who may be at this junction and need some of these tips, regardless of their graduating school. Let’s take this journey together as we explore this phase of our life!

God bless you.


4 responses

  1. Olaide Oladimeji Adebayo | Reply

    This is great, let the good work continue .


    1. All Glory to God, please pray for utterance for more posts in this series! And thanks Olaide for stopping by and making a comment


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