Walking Worthy: The Practicals

The previous post “Walking Worthy” introduced the subject of our walk compared with our works. We discussed the fact that God places more value on how we walk than what we do for him or in his house. The devil is also threatened only by how we live our lives and not by our big talks or great sacrifices…We generally saw the need to Check our walk and find out if we really are walking Worthy! This time, we would progress a little further in that train of thought and discover practically what it means to walk worthy. We would also very quickly consider what to do to walk worthy of our calling.

What does it mean to walk worthy?
I see this as a translation of what the bible says to practical context. Until what the bible says translates into the practical reality of our lives, then we are no threat to the enemy. There is no one that lives his entire life 24 hrs every day just with the bible, even ministers still need to preach to human beings and interact with this world. Even those living in the monastery, don’t live alone, they interact, they wear clothes and buy or sew those clothes… The real Christianity is living well amongst people. As one minister puts it, “Every man has a solvent, true Christianity is expressing Christ in your natural Solvent”. That is your natural habitat, that is where we know who you truly are, it is in your settled environment, your familiar grounds, where you spend 70-80% of your typical day…that’s where to judge your real life! Your solvent is what you engage in that brings out your true color, where you are and you’re just yourself, what you do all the time that you do things almost unconsciously…that’s where we must check, how do you Walk? How do you live? How do you behave?

Beloved, how do you Live? Is your life in congruence with your talk? I know you talk much and work much but how is your life practically? Only my life, a correct life gives strength to my talk, it is how I live my life that will actually affect people around me, not necessarily what I say.
Lord help me to walk well, help me walk worthy, teach me to walk worthy of my calling as a Christian; I know I can talk a lot but, I want to live more. I want to live a life pleasing unto you. May I not be like the Pharisees, they spoke and taught but never lived the life. They recognised the bible and knew all it says, but we never saw it in their lives. We could not follow their lives and end well, their lives showed a different one from what they preached. May I not be like them…

May I be like Jesus, who walked and lived this earth as an example of how we should walk. Please translate your teachings into practical life for me. Convert your instructions to real life situations. I have not truly known until I have lived it out. Many times I thought I learnt a principle until the real life situation presents itself, then I discover who I truly am. Until I catch myself humble when I normally should be proud and catch myself calm when I should have got angry…until I see practically where my faith is, money or God; then I know how I walk! When I sincerely rejoiced with the other brother who got what I have been praying for without a grudge in my heart, then I can judge my walk. When I see my reaction in sickness or failure or lack, and it didn’t succeed in separating me from the love of Christ, and I didn’t grumble or find alternatives; then I know how I walk. When my boss at work decides to treat me like his messenger or the cleaner talks as if she employed me…my reaction at such times, really show me what kind of walk I am walking.

Like I said, this community notes will seek to handle practical issues we face…and the issues are arriving already! What sincerely is the level of my walk? How in sincerity am I living my life? Is my life congruent with that of a Christian? And I don’t like it when I hear people say ‘I am growing, I am trying, God will help me’. You know they’ve been saying that for the past two years over these same issues and ‘God has not helped them’! They can really get mad at people when they are provoked and fight and quarrel Or instead of fighting, they hold serious grudges in their hearts and keep malice… and they’ve been like that for more than 2 years. Is God that incapable? Is His hand too short that he cannot really help? I think God has tried to help but something is still wrong somewhere, and I dare say that thing didn’t go wrong with God but with you! Maybe they have not seen the need and importance, maybe they think it’s just this one, it doesn’t stop me from being a Christian, it doesn’t stop me from teaching the Sunday school or doing whatever you do in church. Just maybe if they are now sincerely ready, God might just have been waiting for them to get to this point!

So what do I do?
You know this question has come out from the mouths of several sincere people several times in the past as they were confronted with issues and that was the beginning of their help and deliverance. I am happy if you are already asking this question in your heart… What do I do? How can I walk Worthy?
Let me quickly give three tips here…This will be the basis and foundation for everything we would be doing and discussing here.
1. Recognise and accept the present state of things
2. Cry out for help
3. Receive help when it comes

The first thing that brings victory in any area of our Christian life is a recognition of where we are, how things presently are, why it should not be like that and what it should actually be. As simple as this may sound, I discovered it’s the most difficult of the three steps. Several can’t just see what is wrong, many young people rather than accept the problem, excuse it. Many Christians instead of agreeing with serious wrong issues in their lives, look at others and explain it away! Many young people even look for bible passages to explain away their misbehaviours, and guess what? You’ll always find a bible passage to do whatever you want to do. That’s the first and major problem. Beloved, accept that it is wrong. Once God begins to raise an issue with you, either as you personally study the bible or through the other sister or pastor, Don’t argue with it, don’t excuse or explain it, agree with it. There cannot be an explanation for anger; once you get angry, you get angry and you know you’ve gotten angry. Don’t keep passing the blame and explaining how it was the other sister that provoked you, just accept that you have a problem there…that’s the first help you must receive!

Cry sincerely for help. One thing I have known about God is that He is more concerned about our deliverance probably than we are. He desperately wants to save us, He really needs us to live peacefully and Walk worthy, but He needs to see our brokenness, sincerity and our own desperacy! He’s been waiting all along like He did for His prodigal son in the bible, peradventure you will return, just as you are; without pretence or cover up. We must surrender like Jacob of old and say “Unless you ‘bless’ me, I would not let you go”. You know the blessing is not that of food and wine, it is a simple cry from the heart of a man who has been battered and needed help from the Lord. If you sincerely cry to God, God will come to help you. He will change your garment and there will be rejoicing over your response.

Finally, receive the help when it comes. God’s help is complete but may many times not seem like a help when we look at it with the natural eyes, so it becomes difficult to accept it as His help. When God decides to help you, take the help. Don’t keep looking down on yourself and condemning yourself, accept what Christ has done and be free. Christians must learn to forgive others and particularly forgive themselves. When God sends His help, receive it and live in God’s help.

Let me end with this scripture in Jeremiah

Jer 29:12-13
12  Then shall you call upon me, and you shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.
13  And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart.

May He be found of you as you cry unto Him, seeking Him, in Jesus name.


3 responses

  1. Olowookere Tolulope | Reply

    Truly, each day of our lives we are faced with the reality of the things or rather principles of God’s word we have learnt in discipleship class and from disciplers. This has been a cry of my heart to know the practicality of living out Gods word in comparison to the life of my master-Jesus and i hope through this which he has started he would bear fruits in every lives involved.
    As you said earlier, there is a need to recognise and admit our need for help else we wont receive it but my prayer is that the Holy Spirit would help our hearts.
    Olowookere Tolulope


  2. Really, without our Walk there’s nothing we can call the Christian life. At one time i discovered that my response to issues when i was around my disciplers or disciples was different from when i was in other places. So who was i? One issue was anger. But I discovered that whenever i got angry, i actually lost something.There’s a kind of gap; i’ld need an extra push before i can really connect with God. Otherwise, i could sing, talk to God and do whatever but i know the difference. Many times, the enemy told me it didnt matter but whatever prevents me from enjoying God, leaves me an ordinary woman not carrying the Presence that makes me ‘the light’. Thus, what can grieve or scare darkness away from me. Then God started to teach me to do away with ill thoughts. When a voice starts being persistent that a person has not been fair to me, i consciously allow God to help me address it the way He desires. Or He gives me reasons to let go. So, i dont just explode unexpectedly (when the issues have piled up in my heart). No matter how difficult or easily besetting or big an issue seems, God has practical ways of helping us. If i am not like Christ, then i’m not a Christian.


  3. […] needed to keep this short so ill continue in another post called “Walking Worthy: The Practicals“. There I will be sharing a little more practically on the matter of our […]


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